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DGN's Karma

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2/24/2012You're a retarded motherfucker that just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.
2/22/2012Keep uncovering the truth. Amy A
2/19/2012Truth but i would add materialistic the white rose
2/19/2012What your doing is FALSE Revelation in real time...religious belief is FALSE. We are Children of God <Peace be with You(~)>
2/19/2012Bible thumping religious fundamentalist mind predator
2/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/14/2012Hi DGN! 8)
2/10/2012Fuck off religitard.
2/8/2012Making my rounds.
1/31/2012Thankis DGN.
1/30/2012From SLAYER!!
1/15/2012Got anything interesting to say for a chnge?
1/8/2012You do realize you are being sent straight to hell for being a cunt?
1/5/2012You're just an attention whore.
12/25/2011Too bad you can't ban me from here..If you're so confident of christ, unban me and discuss -chopinrocks
12/23/2011Use a search engine and learn some facts
12/17/2011Not very nice of you to ban me from your threads, maybe you'd have better karma if you lightened up. -chopinrocks
12/16/2011Self-righteous fool
12/16/2011Fuckin loud mouth PUNK. try being nicer.
12/10/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/6/2011So you actually claim to speak for GOD ??!
11/28/2011You arent a jehova witness your a scammer
11/23/2011Poor ignorant..
11/18/2011You're STILL an embarrassment to Witnesses, and you're STILL a cockroach.
11/17/2011Your Soul dork.
11/15/2011Looks like you need some encouragement. 8)
11/10/2011You post a lot of BS threads.
11/9/2011Sell Your Loser Royalty Written Religion in The Specified Threads Only Fuckstick
11/9/2011From Old Dead Guy
11/8/2011You're an embarrassment to REAL Wtinesses. Cockroach.
11/8/2011Douchebag deletes fair and honest comments he does not like.
11/5/2011Freak you are peek so full of poo
11/4/2011Honor -- you have it :hf: ....
11/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/29/2011For "Don't Worry Baby" 8)
10/27/2011Pointless. Moronic comments.
10/25/2011Thank you!
10/22/2011Good question
10/22/2011Not a real Witness. FRAUD.
10/22/2011144000 are the elect. Millions apart from this group are saved.
10/22/2011Spiritual Wing-ed
10/22/2011Religious idiot(~)
10/12/2011Go to Your Priest
10/9/2011You bring disgrace to the Witnesses every time you post your tripe.
10/9/2011Dont lead others astray
10/9/2011Can be so serious, so funny, and always just the right words for someone needing them. Thank you.
10/8/2011JESUS is the WAY
10/1/2011Loves the truth
9/12/2011Because you deserve it.
9/6/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/18/2011Stands for what he believes without returning the hatred he often gets. Awesome !
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