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Strossus's Karma

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12/14/2012I know you're fake.
10/20/2012For your Amanda Todd thread post- Kick
10/13/2012For kindness. pool
10/4/2012Your such a dolt
10/4/2012Just one more clueless canadian spouting off about things that he has no clue about. -1
10/4/2012Tell your demo buddies not to vote
6/15/2012Pussy ass Canadian fag
6/14/2012Low IQ
6/8/2012Easy to get full time at bestbuy. You must suck
3/23/2012I LOVE your signature! but think its a copout to blame music for all societies ills. but wish good music was still being made. <3<3
3/22/2012Being smart - xxkoshxx
10/20/2011Elenin is for tagging and is now gone BUT...Jesus Saves
9/25/2011Total assclown, probably a fatass
9/25/2011Football is one of the shittiest "sports" to ever exist.
9/25/2011FYI: football is the shit
9/25/2011Fucking retard!
9/23/2011Aggressive reply to my thread
9/3/2011I agree, the world doesnt need to end, we need to wake up
9/2/2011Stupid posts
9/2/2011Funny Guy who loves Moms.. Hurray for Moms !
8/27/2011Cux this could actually be 'it'
8/27/2011Bad post
8/26/2011Love this

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