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Kristina's Karma

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4/5/2014Sucks black cock like a fiend!
4/5/2014My negative vote is an affirmation of your stupidity you ignorant non-thinking obamaturd minion
1/18/2014Bitcoin - THE WORLDS ENEMY
1/4/2014To offset the red from the anti-mj shills! kipkat
1/4/2014Shill - from karma assassin -weekly negs from now on man. weekly, strap in bud
1/4/2014Marijuana is a dangerous, mind-altering narcotic. Get educated please
1/4/2014Out of box thinker
12/25/201322 Mag DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM - Pole Cat
12/25/20131 EQ app here too - Thx for posting! Merry Christmas
12/21/2013I'll issue whatever the fuck I want, NOAA fucker
12/20/2013A beautiful hart that smiles upon the world, casts the sound of its beat through all universes, dimensions, and is boundless by time. [email protected]
11/7/2013For stating what should be the obvious ---- Everyone
10/13/2013Five and green from beeches - rumors from the south thread.
10/6/2013Thank you for posting
10/6/2013Good thread.-TheEndIsNigh2​013
10/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/6/2013Green for you from Central P
9/9/2013Karma Hugs ~ Knowbody Special
9/4/2013For liking Obama
9/3/2013Being a liberal is destroying the world.
9/3/2013For seeing truth! Doomgasm
9/3/2013For no longer liking Obama. Cheers, my friend! :) - TeChNoXiC
9/3/2013Good thread! Five stars and green karma!xxoo
9/3/2013You liked Obama up to today? YOU and the rest of the Obamazombies are the enemy.
9/3/2013Green from saved, great thread!
9/3/2013How did you like obama hahahha
9/3/2013Eat shit, obamatard - TOO LATE.
9/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2013Good post! We all feel the same I'm sure. Kate :(
8/5/2013For standing up for Candy :) - Eireann~
7/29/2013For dumb post
7/29/2013Hating on people just for praying!
7/28/2013Looking for trouble are U?
7/20/2013You have great taste Kristina - salty1
7/15/2013Sunday Green!
7/13/2013"Fuck them!" Good karma for you. Hope it helps! - Louve
6/18/2013Do a BJ to him.
6/18/2013Thanks much! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/18/2013Here's some green, let go and let God, Isis One
6/17/2013Hang in there....hope everything works out with your loved one - salty1
6/17/2013Praying for your friend. You should too. God is awesome. Ms. Superduper.
6/17/2013I know how he feels, GL.
6/17/2013Love-love, cosmicgypsy
4/16/2013Thanks for the karma! Hope your sleeping better! thewatcher20
4/9/2013For keeping an eye on Alabama weather...cowgirlk
4/5/2013Nice Bumping of the Threads! ~ TastyThoughts
3/28/2013God bless you - Lisa :)
3/28/2013Good luck gt
3/8/2013Try not to worry. too much crazyness going on all around to let one thing overwhelm you. hang in there. :) RogerAbbott
3/7/2013Nice... may he rest in peace.
3/7/2013For an veteran grandfather. pool
3/2/2013Have fun with the new phone! : )
2/25/2013Thank you ! From Tiger1.
2/23/2013For luck with your PLR :) -Lady Bathory
2/23/20131 Karma for replying to the Latvian Asteroid threat / thread. ~Snuffie
2/23/2013Congrats on the hometown success! -Dr. Acula
2/18/2013I hear ya on the finally finding some happiness & then crap happens. Lol. We will have to ride this out and hope for the best. ~Vesper33~
2/17/2013Thank you! I'm compelled to give back!!!
2/15/2013Have no fear darling, it'll be ok-Holldoll
2/14/2013Thanks for your input! :) Thewatcher20
2/13/2013Thanks Quaketard! Madigan
2/13/2013Welcome back+1sleepwalker..im​ addicted to it!lol
2/10/2013For you EQ Volcano Theory Post .. Zuzu
1/12/2013Fuck off shill
12/15/2012Fuck You ! I`m Sick of People Wanting us All Fucking Dead. There is Still Some Good Left in The World !!!! Fuck You !!!!
12/14/2012Karmas a bitch.. bitch
12/14/2012Have faith God is in Control no matter what happens
12/14/2012Shut up bitch
12/3/2012Left-wing $hitbag.
11/12/2012Liberal shitbag.
10/30/2012Alabama meteor thread - from a local
10/30/2012Way to go....no longer a glp
10/30/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/30/2012A bomo.
10/30/2012Dumb bitch Obama Voter.
10/30/2012Don't vote for obama, stupid. You're gonna destroy this country
10/30/2012Stuffit Commie
10/30/2012Ur dumb then
10/30/2012Well, I'm white and I voted for Obama in 2008 and I will vote for him again!: You never Learn from your mistakes?!?
10/30/2012Liberal piece of shit.
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