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Re-Named- 777's Karma

Total: 26 (26  User Votes) and 6

2/19/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/24/2020Green for solid intel....Be well....Don D.
11/22/2020Amen to your response about election fraud and we see arrests. JanJan
7/23/2020Better to live for today, than wait for a day that never comes.
7/6/2020Green from grove street
6/17/2020LOLZ! IKEA comment
6/9/2020Green to ya Corkygreenstate
6/3/2018Great post - Thank You Master Jedi
11/15/2017Better to live for today, than wait for a day that never comes.
9/7/2017Thank you! - The Brave
4/16/2012You posted sweet on the "problems" thread
4/9/2012Thanks ...TDJ
3/11/2012That was so lovely to read. U dear r a sweetie. IV with the 2s and 3s
1/12/2012Thank you!
10/5/2011Your avatar hangs in my office.
10/3/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
10/3/2011For your kindness
10/2/2011The sandancer
10/2/2011Data mining, or just too innocent for this hell hole. :-(
9/23/2011Faked psychic abilities and posing as a user,,
9/23/2011GRIFTER! LOL..for all your psychic ability, you didn't predict this...SHOCKING...
8/28/2011You earned it buddy :)
8/28/2011Good point
8/23/2011Greetings from Gregory House
8/23/2011Because you sound like a kind person.
8/22/2011You are very sweet and filled with love to give to all!
8/19/2011For bumping the New Jerusalem

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