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White_Hat's Karma

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9/14/2020Its coming! steel yourself Patriot! Pepperroni
8/3/2020God bless you Patriot!! WWG1WGA!! -Southern Deplorable
8/3/2020Good post just ignore the uninformed
7/31/2020Hugs. pool
7/20/2020More qtardedness
7/20/2020Thanks your attention to Q and Flynn last evening.. KAN DAEK
7/15/2020GREENTARD WAS HERE - WyatteSmith
7/13/2020Chill dude(ette)
7/13/2020Perfectly stated.
7/13/2020For those w/ eyes to see, ears to hear. WWG1WGA!!!....Zenobia​ ;-)
7/13/2020Take your dumbazz larp and shove it
7/13/2020Great post about Q, philly special
7/2/2020More greeeeeeeen from Pepperroni
7/2/2020Good post! Alpacalips
6/25/2020Fucking A+ --nimmerfall
6/25/2020I am enraged about the bullshit that it's taking place too: gullible skeptic
6/25/2020All truth. Best post I read all night. Pepperroni
6/24/2020"Try to keep up, greenhorns" LMAO! WWG1WGA - AnAverageAmericanPatr​iot
6/14/2020Good analysis
6/10/2020You deserve much more green than you have - bootobin
5/27/2020Thanks for the laugh (Kung Flu Master)
5/26/20205 star post
5/7/2020Qreenage ... Pepperroni
4/29/2020I like ur attitude
4/25/2020Newt lolol ; )
2/15/2020I trust the plan Carol B.
12/19/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
10/11/2019Great Thread !!
10/11/2019Leave it here...
10/11/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
10/10/2019Great reply re:
9/14/2019Larp....lol...lance from BC
9/14/2019Pretty good for a LARP, huh? WWG1WGA
9/14/2019Pretty good for a LARP, indeed.... - asymptote
9/12/2019Fuck you.
9/12/2019Sup 1-2-follow
9/11/2019Green. love Miss Cleo
9/3/2019He turned me into A NEWT! ~Vasily
8/19/2019No larp is RIGHT! Pepperroni
8/12/2019I like your style! Carol B.
7/18/2019WWG1WGA! Pepperroni
6/28/2019Sending Patriot green your way! Pepperroni
6/28/2019Friday green! akaSuzanne
5/29/2019Hmmmmm who is White_Hat? Much love, akaSuzanne
5/29/2019God bless you sir/maam white hat. have some green. -tbone
3/14/2019Greenade incoming..WWG1WGA...s​aved
3/13/2019Trust the scam!!
3/13/2019Holy shit that poem was faggish.
3/5/2019WWG1WGA (Rinauldi)
1/22/2019Q followers...
10/25/2018U shouldnt post here when ur tweeking! 15666.44
10/9/2018Im a Huge Q supporter and a Trump supporter! Greenade incoming for your tanasity!...saved
9/19/2018Calling mr. robo-paste out! 9/18/18 ~ Evangelina
9/1/2018Thank you for your links!! ~ Evangelina
8/27/2016Fear and Loathing - Awesome!
6/2/2015Your "New insight" thread is excellent. thanks, morgan!
5/30/2015Blaspheming heretick
5/29/2015White liberal guilt? Check yo Privilege homie.

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