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The Myth's Karma

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9/3/2015Do you even have people around you? You're not death or a myth or even clever. youre just opposing. you have no clue
10/7/2014Lighten up
12/7/2013Fucking drug addict. IP address leads to real address & prison.
12/4/2013Great post!
12/4/2013L.E.A.P. thread - ANHEDONIC
12/4/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/17/2013"freaks claim to worhip jesus". get a clue
9/18/2013You mad bro?
9/13/2013Good point - goat
7/18/2013So true
5/29/2013Nice answer
5/6/2013My first thought was LSD too. That's why i suggested pictures. RayGun
5/2/2013Love the "Doom brigade" post ~ QuantumKev
4/19/2013Best joke
4/5/2013Fuck off, pole-smoker. you're a sodomite and a freak of nature... nothing more.
4/5/2013Good posting on Chippo's thread - Lotus
3/27/2013For remembering the "agendas" ~ Gigolo Jesus
1/3/2013Drugs make people crazy, people that have never tried them.. LP
1/3/2013For saying drugs are bad - pi
1/2/2013Thanks mate. pi
12/5/2012Haha spelling corrections for perfect person. :) Sloane
11/5/2012Men are more annoying they are imaginary porn stars in their own eyes yet incapable of any meaningful real interaction.
10/20/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/4/2012Pot thread. IDIOT.
9/20/2012Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the bus driver thread...my2centswort​h
9/12/2012Great answer. R2B
9/11/2012Thanks for helping my thread ~LuckyOphelia
9/10/2012Good lookin' out! PB
9/7/2012I mean really
9/1/2012Epic B A C O N !
8/1/2012Chick-Fil-A is closed every Sunday. Learn something before you spout off, homo.
7/26/20121 for telling it how it is:)
7/9/2012The truth that you said to phenn, then again she knows who posted this, sigh:( oh well, i said what i needed to!
3/1/2012As Joe Wilson would say: YOU LIE faggot, now butt fuck your gay bud and be happy
12/7/2011Keep up good work w/ ecig ! I tried it too based on your review :)
12/6/2011For being a GLP Vaper!
11/10/2011Good and truthful content.
11/10/2011Zero tolerance is a policy for weak minded people who only have the ability to perceive things in black and white. VD
10/14/2011Rape is about power and abuse not sex, please read a book
10/10/2011Once again, mobilize the GLP doom brigade to prepare for INCOMING FAIL!!! ... : )
10/9/2011Great posting on Oct 31st thread - Lotus Flower
10/5/2011"FAELENIN" :chuckle:
9/22/2011Fuck you toop seal cluber.

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