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Chucklebutt's Karma

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11/5/2020Fuck you
9/24/2015I love pm's! Carol B.
7/9/2015Where you at dude? OILMAN
2/11/2015Strongman here. can u share gold report? strongman.shelford gmail dot com
1/14/2015Ignorant arrogance blinds you and many more like you.
1/14/2015Appreciate your input! ~goldielucks
1/7/2015Haven't seen you in a while. Munsoned
1/4/2015I watch you when my silver bug bites ~Silvervega
11/5/2014Some Karma for ya... OilMan
9/19/2014For silver~Silvervega
8/2/2014Great threads! Carol B.
6/19/2014Good thread! Drunk Uncle
5/27/2014We ride the apocalypse on the valley of Death. To da moon. Strongman Shelford
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving! Carol B.
8/27/2013From Philligan, lets go Gold!!
7/27/2013For your PM posts
6/29/20131 on the metals knowledge
6/26/2013I like your signature. :-) Niemand
6/20/2013I love your posts on pm's Carol B.
6/11/2013Green karma drop from Carol B.
4/28/2013Tandym!! :-)
4/14/2013Thanks for your support. Strongman
4/13/2013Armstrong quote. pool
4/7/2013You are a great asset of GLP . Strongman
3/19/2013Good to see you. its been awhile. glad you're still holding tight. lionhound
7/18/2012Fellow pmtard, i salute you. Strongman!
7/8/2012Punk assets rocks. Strongman +1!
6/30/2012Punk. One of the best GLP human minds. Thanks for your existence. Strongman
1/15/2012Where've you been
1/7/2012Silver karma ! ! !
11/30/2011From Zazz 2
11/28/2011Great Insights!
11/25/2011Thanks so much for your contributions to our thread. Threads need contributors and good ones at that. Nickadeemus®
11/23/2011You need more green, for the green you've saved me. -Pangn
11/7/2011"foot sticking out of the pot" on silver post - myholelove
10/27/2011Silvertards Unite! - Psych
10/27/2011Great chart -Seer
10/27/2011<3 Only Me
10/23/2011You Defend Military Moms.
10/23/2011For supporting our troops.Devorahg
10/18/2011Good link on mkts
10/4/2011Always High Quality SilverTards Posts. Silvertards, we Ride! SS
10/2/2011For being intelligent * Freedom From Fiat
9/17/2011For silver & gold ~from BlueMind
9/17/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/16/2011Cause I can
9/7/2011Cause I can-mojo
9/5/2011Great analysis!
9/4/2011Good post heretic
8/31/2011One karma point for being a silvertard idiot
8/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
8/28/2011Nitwit post. asshat.
8/26/2011I agree
8/24/2011Man with a good plan. and awesome av
8/23/2011Gold to the moon alice!!!!
8/19/2011You scratch mine....
8/19/2011For always being on point, especially when it comes to precious metals.
8/18/2011Very knowledgeable. I enjoy reading your threads.
8/18/2011For intelligent posts about Precious Metals!
8/18/2011For smart posts and this line "gold itself is rocketing north like a thermometer of mistrust." Carol B.
8/17/2011Only a phucknut retard would try to "eat" gold.
8/17/2011Realizing gold and silver are money - from DOOMED!
8/12/2011Insightful on precious metals and always willing to give his 5 cents when you have question in area.

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