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8/28/2016It was probably indeed the cock you sucked after the meal that infected you.
1/15/2015Hahaha forgot about that George W. quote - Kai
1/7/2015Bachmann quote is bs u lib shit
12/30/20148====D - - - - - on your moms face
12/30/2014You haven't me me.
12/23/2014Pay dem bills!!! - Roobit
10/9/2014"Tree-hugging hippie bullshit." LMFAO - Report this spamtard for copyright violation, its "no link to source of quote"
9/29/2014Thank you! WeAreOne.
9/29/2014For support....grumpier
8/20/2014Thanks for posting! rockhuff73
8/11/2014Giant Anus From Space Attacks Earth <- 4 this
8/7/2014Dace & Kali wuz hear =-)
7/11/2014Thanks for commenting on my thread desertman-
7/8/2014Stoned Goddess
7/2/2014I was hoping someone laugh at that lol -astral goat
6/30/2014Respect black people , you stupid nagger
6/30/2014Send them to the moon!
6/19/2014Cheers....the bouncing elephant :)
5/23/2014For your great posts! Carol B.
5/17/2014I can't respond to your PM and mixing and Recording, PM back a e-mail, I really do need a bit of adivice//tips \m/
5/7/2014Lol! nah :)
5/1/2014FUCK you and your FAKE "god". Take your pro-christian/commie shit to a RELIGIOUS FORUM,NOT here!!!
4/25/2014Little dicked blinder having los lobos....
4/23/2014Keep lurking, you are in trouble! ~UAP
4/21/2014Nice avatar! beeches from Light Post in MN thread.
4/21/2014Ritz cracker. pool
4/17/2014Great post.... You suck balls
3/23/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
3/20/2014Well said
3/13/2014Fekking leave here cum sucking butt bandit
2/27/2014"Sewing classes will be setup at the mallâ¦" :1rof1: ~BSZ
2/27/2014I guess that was supposed to be witty....fail.
2/27/2014For being dumb
2/17/2014WHO ---- ARE --- YOU (nobody)
2/6/2014National White Folks Month
1/30/2014Great finf avatar, your right..burning snow hahahahaa ~sickandtwisted~
1/16/2014Nice avatar - C
1/5/2014Best avatar/gif ever
1/2/2014Fucking imbecile.
12/12/2013Thanks you for your help. Ancha!
12/6/2013The choices we make, whew, glad you were LUCKY!
11/19/2013You are the ultimate moran. CO2 is not harmful and Bachman was right about everything. You fucking retard.
11/19/2013Red for idiocy
11/19/2013Brain dead Libtard
11/10/2013Good point!
11/4/2013Asked for it libtard
11/1/2013You are a FAGGOT cum gusseling pillow biting ass licker
11/1/2013Smear the queer
10/31/2013Yup he is the same Hutchinson
10/22/2013Thanks for the red, back at ya!
10/22/2013Omg! the peanut post was truly funny!! awesome!! LOL
9/25/2013Noticed you were a dick. thought I'd say hi fucktard. RED
9/22/2013People worry too much about what others do in their bedrooms. And, I agree stupid and homophobic is the real issue
9/22/2013Being gay is not normal. If you don't like it, take it up with God
9/22/2013Stupid burns!!! ~ The Mad Hatter
9/18/2013Maybe you should stop promoting sodomy and pedophilia?
9/7/2013Just because
9/4/2013LeosOfTheUniverse was here
9/4/2013You are one dumb motherfucker
9/2/2013Hope you find what you seek! morgan
8/27/2013Some green for ya - gypsy priest
8/17/2013Too stupid to be just a paid shill. You are an ignorant moran who deserves to burn.
8/17/2013Because relics (our history) do matter. TY. IndigoMoon
8/10/2013Tejas makes me laugh too...SnakeAirlines
8/10/2013Fat ass
8/10/2013Luv ya avatar :-) trailingedge
8/10/2013Funny muhfuckin' smilies!
8/4/2013Stupid fuckface
7/13/2013Fuck you
7/13/2013Your avatar freaks me out_GeoStorm
6/25/2013Great quote from Rock. -- Munsoned
6/25/2013Haha great Christ Rock bit
6/9/2013For the dream...Chas
6/9/2013Best avatar on GLP. Niemand
6/9/2013'60's :sigh:
6/9/2013Green for you
6/9/2013Sooo smart, Yet soooooooo dumb.
6/7/2013Owners, not dogs. Moron.
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