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3/3/2024It is just a movie you idiot tard.
1/26/2024Moon tard. We don't know shit about the moon. We hardly understand the Earth.
1/5/2024Thanks for sharing.
12/21/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
12/9/2023Stock up on Spec...cheers, have a great weekend. Piece of Gossip
8/7/2023Damn skippy it was MURDER NYC Cancer DOC RIP - NoJabForMe.INFO
3/19/2023For your info on 2023dz2. thank you and God bless! Stella b
2/28/2023It does, doesn't it?
7/22/2022For helping baby robin! PSA
11/12/2021Tattoo green… ~*14*~
10/30/2021Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/19/2021Thoughts. the right ones
5/22/2021Great comment
5/17/2021Promotes and wishes for massive amounts of people to die, sick sick sick
11/19/2020Bless you - grove street
10/8/2020Nice post! - CapJ
10/3/2020Insert fart noise here
8/31/2020A voice of sanity in the "Moon was formed" thread. Thank you.
8/21/2019Heavens Gate
8/31/2018You're not as wise as you think
5/13/2018Good info on Hawaii - Blue_Triquetra
7/30/2017Flaps down comment +- BHD
6/22/2017Beeches....China, ha ha
2/16/2017Correct. - Bill Davis
11/26/2016Pyramid thread -InnocentFishingBoat
10/30/2016Thanks for commenting on my Alaska object thread! TrustNoOneKS
4/2/2016Spreading the truth about the polls!
3/30/2016For your positive comment on my thread --trumpsupporter
6/23/2015Well informed! Apollo F-D
4/12/2014Schizo fuckwit
7/28/2013Schizo fuckwit
6/27/2013Always thinking! Experiment Telekinesis good idea. ~ TastyThoughts

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