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RedSheDevil's Karma

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9/10/2017Brains AND beauty....I'm impressed...my 2 cents
7/12/2016Great posts! - Troller D
7/10/2016You should stop apologizing
3/24/2016Spot on remark
3/23/2016For proving that we redheads are smarter than the average bear- Lady L
3/23/2016Beautiful! The_Original_Mind
11/8/2015From RG
11/7/2015Stop it or people will fall in loze with you =='s
10/27/2015Learn 'em some lady parts!
10/27/2015Good info 'A' -undestroyer
3/13/2015Good post in the 'bators' thread - WOLF
3/13/2015Brilliant - YouAreDreaming
12/14/2014Doomy Sunday Karma!!! Saddletramp
9/25/2014Becuase i get red karma for good posts, you get some too
9/2/2014You are nine kinds of lovely, Jager67
7/14/2014You have a lot of wisdom for someone so young. :) -Nemamiah
2/9/2014Green for red-heads... Saddletramp
1/8/2014Prepare Yourself, Karma Come Round At Last... Saddletramp
12/28/2013For being a red head and a good sport... Saddletramp
6/22/2013Virgin RED Karma ....lol
3/14/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
2/17/2013For being as smart as you are pretty! --Voltaic--
2/16/2013Never noticed you before! Awesome name, title, avatar, & signature! -The Sonic Dreamer
2/16/20131sleepwalker..sexy pic,ur cutie!!valentine thread..scary!lol
11/7/2012Greetings ~ Iolair
10/15/2012Good cat food info.
10/15/2012Hilarious! -AT
9/19/2012SS wuz here
5/21/2012I like red, I like devil's, BB
3/22/2012In honor of the Scotch - HTao
2/19/2012Smokin Devil! - Children of the Atom
9/25/2011She is most beautiful red head I have seen in a long time :)
9/22/2011Cuz yer my favorite redhead...SMOOCH
8/22/2011Great advice!

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