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The Searcher's Karma

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6/3/2019Still an idiot.
3/29/2019The Earth created humans because it needed plastic
3/28/2019Dumbass hoaxtard
1/29/2019From reepster
1/10/2019Pure Bovine excrement is EXACTLY what you are asshole....see all the trees that weren't touched?
1/9/2019SHILL. Follow the evidence.
1/9/2019Blown yer cover shill
12/5/2018Good post, CANNABIS thread----Terrebonne
12/1/2018Here Comes The Martians
12/1/2018Keep your muzzie cock holster quiet, the adults are talking.
11/28/2018You would know importing muzzies and banning guns slave lmao
11/28/2018UN shill
11/24/2018Refreshingly outspoken :)
10/1/2018Birthday green from beeches
9/18/2018Interesting knowledge from somewhere beyond
9/18/201809/18/2018 03:01 pm
9/18/2018Scrasm does not suit you
8/29/2018Post in muslims in england thread. well said. Doobie
8/11/2018Love your signature

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