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Fat Head's Karma

Total: 9 (9  User Votes) and 13

10/20/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/2/2011Good post keep informing about the big plan maybe some will wake up
9/30/2011You sir are fucking ignorant when it comes to economical issues.
9/28/2011For posting a bullshit post about shooting you piece of shit fatass
9/27/2011You sound like a greedy government tit sucker whose name should be EMPTY head.
9/26/2011Kozmik kitzen send you karma! Have a great day!
9/24/2011Right on!
9/22/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
9/21/2011Cannabis :D
9/21/2011Paranoid loser/ignorant chemtard
9/17/2011Because you have NO idea. Foo.
9/17/2011Skin color shouldn't be important. I don't care about the jewish-part.
9/16/2011One because I think you're underrated.
9/16/2011Cause you asked : )
8/15/2011Bonus for the Ron Paul thread
8/14/2011As you wish..
8/14/2011Well fuck you to. :)
8/14/2011You asked for it :)
8/14/2011Just for that I will give you good Karma! You must be familiar with the GLP Effect

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