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Wake Up's Karma

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1/23/2022Reported Abusive Post
12/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
12/25/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2021Are you effin stupid or what? that teacher is a full blown libturd
9/10/2021Hope you're wrong about 5G, terrifying if true - bootobin
9/10/2021Good post!
8/19/2021100th point!
3/5/2021Greet post
2/8/2021Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
1/20/2021Good summary of our situation - bootobin
1/10/2021I love your avatar! ~CosmicFire
1/6/2021Dai Ko Myo. Beautiful response. Many blessings from Happy in Nature
12/19/2020Green for conspiracy theorist ~exlibris
4/20/2020Thank you for your contribution to my thread. ~ DeplorableOldMan
2/22/2015Thank you for your amazing words, u revived me :)
2/6/2015Vaccine thread. ~ShillShank Reduction
1/11/2015Greetings from Angela, Weltenbrand
1/9/2015MW is a Fox News shill. Where have you been? Her threads get auto-pinned. She's been busted using fake profile pics 3 times using image search. Wake up
11/19/2014You liked my post :D
11/19/2014Thank You love GFG
11/6/2014Ebola outbreak was an absolute fake--sees
11/4/2014Thanks for your imput in my thread - Lamplite
10/20/2014Great lady!! On to her next life lesson. - Mr C
10/16/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
10/15/2014Nice thread ya got yer self there WU. ~Z
10/15/2014Stop typing in red you self centered twat
10/15/2014Love the dog and pony show graphic - tripleh
10/15/2014Good info
10/15/2014Good post on CDC thread--UseLessRepEAT​ER
10/13/2014In all my life...I knoe of not a single vaccine that truly ever worked...Th Old Timer...God love ya
10/10/2014Great job on the Ebola thread - Runningwithscissors
10/10/2014Avoid All Vaccines!!!
10/10/2014Excellent Detailed Story Posting
10/10/2014For your thread! :) Beso
10/5/2014Ebola Thread. Ehab
10/5/2014Your craziness is a risk
10/5/2014You in Ebola denial, one day real fear will be in your heart
10/5/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
10/3/2014Pretty good OP
10/3/2014For the ebola thread. Thanx for putting all that together. It was needed bad! --Rantprone
10/3/2014You think it's a joke because everything else was.
10/3/2014For waking up, grateful ~akl
10/3/2014For trying to get the sheeple to "wake up"
10/3/2014Great work! +1 green thumb! Wanna give me one back? -SolarSon
10/3/2014Yes- seer
10/3/2014"Please do not feed the fears" - awww, just beautiful, the pic too <3
10/3/2014I'm glad there's a few sane voices on this site with this ebola topic :)-ajk
9/22/2014Informative post in the cannabis thread - ANHEDONIC : )
9/11/2014For my new buddy! LittleMissDictator :)
9/10/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/10/2014For putting up with AC 62248612 - ParadoxMind
9/10/2014For your Vaccine Exemption Letter!~Chugiakian
9/10/2014Nice to wake people up.. good stuff.. cp
8/26/2014You got the ticket!!! Littlebird
8/26/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/26/2014You won't last.
8/26/2014Smart posts on the Ebols thread, Michael///KD0WSJ
8/25/2014Good post in "...see something" ~goldielucks
8/25/2014You wish
8/25/2014You rock!
8/13/2014Together we can??? Sounds as if you've got a case of jungle fever Kim.
8/12/2014Your post in the ebola outbreak pg 1 was beautiful - sharkspined
8/9/2014"Their" goal is only one thing --and thank you for the uplifting messages--sees
8/9/2014Good post, take care of self & family
8/9/2014Keep posting good informative threads. The quite one
8/9/2014Very good
7/30/2014Green for you ~laneclin81
7/30/2014Ebola Pandemic, Gerat Post, From Terrebonne
7/23/2014You wil experience=Pooch
7/9/2014Get over yourself with the crap you post!
5/8/2014Liked your reply to Joe in the Happy People thread - ANHEDONIC
5/1/2014You are still Awake I see,...~Z
5/1/2014For your resonse on God-sot
3/21/2014Em bed coils. thank you - abhie
3/20/2014Did you read it?? :)
3/20/2014COMBINED THOUGHT EXPERIMENT! love it! morgan
3/7/2014Off topic.
2/27/2014Amazing and scary! Thank you!
2/19/2014Hi from UseLessRepEATER
2/8/2014For helping out that AC with his image. -PirateMonkey
11/21/2013Nice..New Madrid fault post would be a good one.hope all is safe
11/17/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
5/1/2013We need to be the voice of reason to friends and family during these crazy times--UselessRepeate​r
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