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5/24/2019Q: What do you get when you offer a Jerrold Nadler a penny for his thoughts? A: Unwanted change. ~ WyatteSmith
5/24/2019Green machine....love from Arnie
5/24/2019Praying for Trump's protection, too - Maranatha Man
5/23/2019Agreed. Twitter does suck!!
5/23/20192019 'you are here'--That's gold Jerry, gold!-widge
5/23/2019Ah, the steady stream o' LuLz :) Fret
5/23/2019You the man scrump- LSDMTHC
5/23/2019For excellent post on Black Pride, Gay Pride, Asian Pride, White Pride thread.
5/22/2019East Texas! -Anubis
5/22/2019Just cuz you deserve it for all you do! Pooka
5/22/2019PROLAPSE!! Ah GAHD I've seen that now TWICE. /BLURRGGGHH - TDP2
5/22/2019For post in Abortion in antiquity thread. KAN DAEK
5/22/2019Hump Day Green! Hawk-03
5/21/2019Good karma for a good mod! LTHN.
5/20/2019Hey Scrump, Starbird was here
5/20/2019I'm with you, tip the wait staff. green from hookerdoo
5/19/2019Der spiken!
5/19/2019By far, the best mod on GLP. Thanks for being a genuine person. keeping it real.
5/19/2019Founding fathers & Chrsitianity - very informative - thanks for posting!
5/19/2019Lol! -stw
5/18/2019True post
5/18/2019Hugs from eekers
5/18/2019"that smarmy, condescending, hateful little fag has a really punchable face."
5/17/2019Always appreciate your support - coasty
5/17/2019Why do people not play uno with Mexicans… because they are always stealing the GREEN cards ~ WyatteSmith
5/16/2019From keybored
5/15/2019Green for Thee Des
5/14/2019Love your Trump meme in the 120,000 troops to Iran thread! Thanks for the Greenage too! from Eggcellently Deplorable
5/13/2019Smoking WGON
5/13/2019Sing it With Me Nose Hair Song! Too funny dude! FeedYourHead
5/13/2019Green for a good week! White Wolf :)
5/13/2019Candace earned that shot.
5/12/2019"He's likely just rubbing it in our faces at this point..."
5/11/2019Thanks for the pin! New HUD rule
5/11/2019For being such a great guy ~thinking...
5/11/2019Fist bump!
5/11/2019Weekend green! Love Goddess x
5/10/2019Fantastic Friday Green to start your weekend right!!! Hawk-03
5/9/2019Hahah BOOM beeyatch hahah you rock.. love, eekers
5/8/2019Hump Day Green! ~ Cartel
5/8/2019VCR RETRO GREEN frum Dace =-)
5/6/2019Love and hugs ;)
5/6/2019Fagazine xoxo sseess
5/6/2019LOL at Bill/Hillary comment. Billy Ringo.
5/5/2019Green cuz you always pin the most interesting threads. Have a blessed day. NolaAngel
5/5/2019Thank you green from Pepperroni
5/5/2019For using the word, "Egad" lolol-Penny Peppers
5/4/2019You r the man, Scrump!
5/4/2019Well put!
5/4/2019Thanks for commenting on my Facebook thread! TrustNoOneKS
5/3/2019For helping expose who's behind the illuminati! chasity xoxo
5/3/2019Dimebag - EnD BLM
5/2/2019Green for a good day! White Wolf :)
5/2/2019Great post on website takedows.. cp
5/2/2019Hi. Wishing you a great day! Hawk-03
5/2/2019The dims have lost their minds!!! Crazy days ahead! bigD
5/1/2019WyatteSmith stopped by and left a green thumb for you.
5/1/2019Sendin green your way-coasty
5/1/2019Christian does not equal doormat or pushover
4/29/2019Thomas Jeffersonb or Scrump... I'm not sure who is better with words. lol Paranoiaaaaa
4/28/2019Scrump, I got banned out of nowhere for nothing. I had to use 50 green karma points to get unbanned. Can you help explain why my friend?
4/28/2019For beating me to the "Moloch" observation. Bobby (Maranatha Man)
4/27/2019You're awesome! <3 OM
4/27/2019Yeah, but Mark was born a douche. Andy made the choice. What a dick. lolz Fret
4/27/2019Thanks for the pin Bro.
4/27/2019Agree with your comments about queers
4/26/2019They all serve satan. How true.
4/26/2019Hey Scrumpy! :) Kimbergal
4/26/2019LOL AOC the Talking Horse! - Lord Revan
4/26/2019Green for Melania! Spritzer
4/25/2019Trin Tuth Thursday Karma. Hawk-03
4/23/2019You da man. Adytum
4/23/2019Green for you! love Miss Cleo
4/22/2019The resurrection of Jesus Christ ~ Cartel
4/22/2019Green-Tard was here ~ WyatteSmith
4/21/2019Maxine Waters post lol
4/21/2019Happy Easter from Nobody You Know
4/21/2019Thank you for banning the idiot bumping old threads. - Riff
4/21/2019Happy Easter! ArunaLuna
4/19/2019Hey scrump! love, eek
4/19/2019Happy Easter, Scrumpy! from Eggcellently Deplorable
4/19/2019Cheers from CK
4/18/2019You're the best! ....nutmeg....
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