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Baldrick's Karma

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11/17/2011For having concrete cajones~Luna
11/17/2011Only thing you fuck are 'Roos
11/12/2011Good info
11/12/2011Because you deserve this before some other stupid music thread WatchmenOnTheWall
11/12/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here - for your pin :)
11/12/2011Good karma = good karma!
11/12/2011Very good post
11/12/2011Great aussie oil thread
11/12/2011Have some green
11/11/2011Dude - if I could unload ALL my karma for you I would! GREAT post on the OIL - ^TeChNoXiC^â¢
11/11/2011Very perceptive, eye-opening post. also, alarming.
11/11/2011Thanks for keeping us in your loop bro. Your fellow man appreciates it. XR
11/11/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2011Hmmmm. -Rev
11/9/2011Karma hug! <3, 5moreminutesmom
11/3/2011Excellent post about not having the green thing back in the day. :) - Lorax
11/2/2011Super agent MAN! ZP
10/29/2011"I say "shut up or....Hahahhaaaa....h​ahhahahaa...never heard that before..hahahaa Dr. know.
10/28/2011For custom smilie contributions, q
10/26/2011For pinning good threads :)
10/26/2011Thanx so much for the pin, baldrick from tauranga
10/21/2011For pinning Lizzy Phelan's video about Libia thread, this is a very important information,thanks!!!​!
10/21/2011Don't get banned mate! ZP
10/21/2011Good man!
10/21/2011Thanks for the pin
10/15/2011Amazing OWS thread, i knew it smelt fishy but that pretty much nailed it. Much respect sir
10/15/2011I'm tired of people saying "So...it begins." It is a worthless comment.
10/15/2011For cracking the Occupy puzzle -milleniumjackal
10/15/2011GREAT THREAD! me777
10/15/2011Good post!
10/15/2011Cheers mate
10/15/2011Good thread -Hitokiri
10/15/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2011Good thread
10/14/2011Weekly good karma fellow aussie - rickster58
10/14/2011Thanks for the informative thread, and for my 10th karma! :) ... from crisscross
10/14/2011Good work on exposing Occupy / UN connections! LoVeLiGHT420
10/14/2011Good thread, out of the box thinking
10/14/2011Thank you for your posts! Your new friend, 5moreminutesmom
10/14/2011Good research
10/14/2011Pin away friend. :) 28m
10/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2011Hi Baldrick long time no see! ZP
9/4/2011Australia institute post. Very interesting.... ZP
8/29/2011Good OP
8/27/2011Thanks Baldrick
8/27/2011Hi Baldrick Zero Point
8/26/2011Omg interesting, if real :-O
8/20/2011Smart Aussie (rare)
8/13/2011Cos hes funny
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