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7/14/2020I agree. Canalien
6/22/2020Cheers ~ Sync
6/18/2020Where did you go? You coming back? - Cloven
6/2/2020This dude is a really crazy dangerous druggie psycho.
3/11/2020Some green for you Sweetheart…xo Cheer's…CUB :)
2/27/2020Nice! - 1guynAz
1/4/2020Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/20/2019Season's Greetings and have a happy holiday…xo..Cubby :)
12/19/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/19/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
12/6/2019I'm always getting called a girl too lol -centurion :p
12/1/2019For being a Libtard
12/1/2019Green for ( Always Hope and Love ) ...beenthruthat ...
11/16/2019Good energy omnispo omnicapitalist
11/13/2019Opening my mind a little wider. :) Thank you!
11/5/2019Enlightened One
10/29/2019For your writings on the 'Embassy Cloisng' thread. ~sikhed
10/28/2019Thank you! - sungaze!
10/27/2019Greenery for a beautiful Sunday morrning. Take care…CUB xo
10/10/2019Nice post Geraldgar
10/7/2019Green For A Good Week ~ A R K
10/4/2019Sphincter-born tar baby
9/29/2019Enjoy the show - shwski
9/29/2019A fool that proclaims his knowledge, fools no one
9/29/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/29/2019Cheers ~ Sync
9/26/2019Boo to sacrafices! chasity
9/24/2019Eats macaroni, swiss cheese and turd casarole with the big spoon.
9/24/2019Get your head out and research some truth.
9/23/2019National SOCIALISTS - who are the tards that give you green?
9/22/2019Posts in noobdy spam threads get reds
9/19/2019Green For You ~ A R K
9/11/2019Posts in noobdy spam threads get reds
9/10/2019A belated Green for you and always love your insight.
9/3/2019Posts in noobdy spam threads get reds
8/28/2019Go live in China, communist
8/28/2019Fuck off commie shill
8/27/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/26/2019Lol...you can keep your vegan burgers, nobody else wants them...a hockey puck on a bun would taste better!
8/22/2019Not half as wise as you think you are.
8/19/2019Reported Abusive Post
8/19/2019What an ass.
8/19/2019We ride on the silver lining of a light beam which appeared from nothing out of nowhere somehow.
8/19/2019OBE post, I can relate Peace Lou Czar
8/15/2019Please don't think the bible god is "the" God of the universe, he's a tribal god.
8/15/2019Amazing Poost Thanks, If only more people would get how bizzare this ritual truly is! - Geraldgar
8/15/2019Eat a dick fuckwit
8/15/2019Short-sighted, selfish drowning in EGO
8/9/2019You are insane. Yo Adrian
8/8/2019This person is an anti-white, they are for uncontrolled immigration and welfare
8/8/2019Fruit And Veggies is Still Life, Murderer
8/7/2019A r k
7/19/2019Reducing suffering, healing and growing are great, eventually you will heal your way naturally beyond form and return to full spirit beyond all embodiment altogether.
7/19/2019Your courage is contagious
7/17/2019Baseless, inaccurate thread.
7/17/2019Stupid should hurt, so here's some red to start you off.
7/17/2019I didn't realize you were a Globalist Libtard. Thank you for showing your true colors to GLP. Expect more red, Libtard.
7/17/2019Fuck off
7/17/2019Shitty thread. Misleading title. MSM mouth dribble. Fake News
7/17/2019One star = absolute bs. learn how to make a thread, retard
7/9/2019From Michibama
7/8/2019Green to pin this shit
7/5/2019Blessings...Michael..​.T.C.O...(The Cherished One)
7/2/2019Namaste (bows)
6/16/2019Publish, I will buy 20 copies. pool
6/16/2019What a journey life is.
6/15/2019More Gween for U. Cheer's :)…CUB..xo
5/11/2019So, you're an Anti-Christ who is worried about Hell Fire. You should be. Carry on.
5/10/2019Thanks for posting in my hacked thread, from savcash, have a good day!
5/10/2019Reported Abusive Post
5/9/2019ILY girl xoxoxo~j44
5/8/2019Nice Illuminati Post!~Galaxy
4/5/2019For exposing the LIES of religion. ~ Spiritual Punk
4/5/2019Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/4/2019True Spiritual Threads!
3/17/2019Important thread. they're keeping a negative harvest and we need to counter with positive visions of earth.
2/28/2019"Blackmailed by Mossad." Bullshit
2/26/2019End the FED post ~hillbilly
2/23/2019From Michibama
2/18/2019I admire your passion 4 the truth~Chang14k
2/18/2019Good alternative take on trump
2/16/2019Green for U :)…CUB
2/15/2019Friday green! - Chaos Replicator
2/14/2019So you're 666...
2/13/2019You Rock!
2/13/2019Yo Adrian
2/13/2019Good threads - stoke
2/13/2019YES ove your post! thefierceone
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