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ToSeek's Karma

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7/7/2021Up1. Reality420
6/26/2021Up1. Reality420
6/7/2021Up1. R420
5/21/2021Up1. R420
5/3/2021Up 1 for an old member - ToSeek. Reality420
4/25/2021Up1. R420
4/13/2021Up1. Reality420
4/2/2021Up1. Reality420
3/5/2021Up1 for rationalism. Reality420
2/23/2021Up1. R420
2/17/2021Reported Abusive Post
2/14/2021More good evidence
2/12/2021Reported Abusive Post
2/10/2021Because You're A Douchebag...
2/3/2021Commie scum
2/3/2021Fear monger
1/31/2021Up1 for Sunday. Reality420
1/29/2021Sucks Cameltoe's Bawls...
1/28/2021You know the commies kill the useful idiots first, right?
1/28/2021Commie lover
1/28/2021Bless your heart! You truly are insane. :( sad....
1/28/2021You and Joe B suck balls
1/27/2021Thank you for the green. I'm Just Me.
1/27/2021Commie turd
1/23/2021Up1. Have a nice weekend. R420
1/19/2021Commie libturd scum
1/19/2021Hey Biden Boy!!
1/16/2021Because you are wrong.
1/13/2021Wrong again
1/13/2021Up 1 for rationality. Reality420
1/12/2021Commie pile of scum
1/6/2021How deep is Biden's dick in your ass?
1/5/2021Libturd piece of shit
1/4/2021Bitch coward
1/3/2021Green from this Littlepixie for your post explaining what happens on 6th January in America.
1/2/2021Maybe probably
1/1/2021Coma or ?
12/29/2020Go suck Biden's saggy nut sack you libturd
12/28/2020To suck
12/28/2020Confirmed libtarded idiot
12/27/2020Thanks for posting in my pence thread, Have a Happy Holiday season, from savcash
12/27/2020Libtarded shill
12/21/2020Up1 for an old time rational poster. Reality420
12/17/2020For coming through in a pinch
12/10/2020Just a guess, Pam Bondi has the inside scoop, not you.
12/3/2020Good summary - ElleMira
11/28/2020Thank you green. Fly Over Land
11/28/2020Nice find
11/26/20201-38 and counting...
11/25/2020Fuck off shill
11/25/2020You're going down, gay communist shill
11/23/2020Share Blue Shill
11/23/2020Thanks for trying to bring common sense to these folks. --Rationalist
11/23/2020Nice to see you around!
11/16/2020For not understanding the GSA will rule THERE IS NO OFFICIAL POSITION KNOWN AS "PRESIDENT-ELECT"
11/7/2020Fuck off gay CCP shill
10/24/2020Reported Copyright Violation
10/24/2020He didnt actually grab anyone by the pussy
10/21/2020Racist since the 70s yet he gets an NAACP award with Rosa Parks? Stfu and sit down retard.
10/7/2020Shut up bitch
10/7/2020Proof of what you say, or you're talking out of your ass.
10/4/2020Good question
9/19/2020For being an anti-American liberal piece of shit
9/7/2020Reported Copyright Violation
8/28/2020Did you copy paste that from Shareblue talking points?
8/5/2020Thanks! -Astro
7/30/2020It is inevitable
7/29/2020There's a roughly month-long window every two years or so when it's possible to launch a Mars mission, so they all tend to go at the same time.
7/18/2020Commie scum
7/11/2020Still your president
7/11/2020Prayers for you so that the holy spirit may give you might be given a glimpse vehid the veil- amen
6/28/2020For pissing off the 'We didn't go to the moon' idiots. - Louis in Richmond
6/18/2020A belated thank you for posting on my thread on May 2nd! ....nutmeg....
6/18/2020That was me who gave you that last red . ; ) I take it back because you are right about Lee not being #1 in his class even though you are wrong about the man himself. .
4/30/2020T-man <3
7/29/2019You are a blind media loving piece of shit
7/9/2019You made a good point. kind of like this ->.<-
5/28/2019Low Karmic Information
5/22/2019Reported Copyright Violation
5/15/2019Reported Copyright Violation
4/18/2019Reported Copyright Violation
4/14/2019Reported Copyright Violation
12/19/2018East some shit.
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