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Guns n' God (redux)'s Karma

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3/18/2018Red Sunday for your ignorance.
7/21/2015Person has head up ass syndrome
4/19/2013Your mouth is too big for your brain.
4/19/2013I wish you were crazy enough to shut the fuck up.
4/16/2013Yes, I miss President Bush. Five stars and green karma; carry on!
4/16/2013I miss retardless days on internet
4/16/2013I'm missing W
4/16/2013Because your a republican
4/16/2013"Fuckk off and rot in a pile of maggots you SLIMEY NWO LOVING CUNT" - DITTO!
4/15/2013Fuckk off and rot in a pile of maggots you SLIMEY NWO LOVING CUNT
4/15/2013More like a throat punch-adrock
4/15/2013Reichstag was proven and admitted as being a false flag. Idiot
4/15/2013Needs some green
12/25/2012Too Concerned about other peoples wieners.
10/19/2012Johnnie Walker -DILKe
9/4/2012Hopeless psychopath
9/4/2012U are brain dead
8/28/2012You are an incredible fool.
4/24/2012From Ron Paul
4/11/2012Truth- Sleeping Giant
3/27/2012Thank you for defending the TEA Party in the Black Panther thread. from Eggcellent
3/26/2012Because i can.
3/25/2012Finally, a voice of reason in the whole Trayvon ridiculousness....
3/25/2012Smart man.
3/25/2012Ignorant putz
3/25/2012Small mind
3/25/2012You're good at hating
3/24/2012You are correct. I hope the white people who voted for obama have learned their lesson - an extremely hard lesson
3/24/2012For the truth- sleeping Giant
3/21/2012Agree with your thread to the libs. Milquetoast is right! <3 ~Kim
3/21/2012Your stupid is showing.
3/21/2012Sick evil bastard
3/21/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/21/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/17/2012Tool of the system
3/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2012This guy sides with child-murderers and is a racist fuck to boot. -Leda123
3/15/2012Fuck you, you retarded faggot!
3/15/2012Ignoramus. You deserve to cry yourself to sleep at night and wake up to an empty home. dumbass.
3/14/2012White power!! GO GO GO GO GO!
3/14/2012For being the effervescent proverbial typical shill rotting in hell.
3/14/2012Shut up dork
3/14/2012Go occupy your glory hole, fuckwit.
3/14/2012I agree - Paul needs to retire
3/14/2012U suck
3/14/2012As ignorant and dangerous as it gets.
3/14/2012Often i hear people as eachother, "How stupid can you be"?. Well now i know.
3/14/2012Ron Paul
3/8/2012Masterful troll.
3/8/2012I could not in good conscience give you green karma, that would be reinforcing stupidity and I just can't do that. - Icon
3/7/2012Same ole crap from you...lets see if we can make it solid red
3/7/2012God thinks you are a dick head.
3/7/2012You have horseshit for brains
3/4/2012Remember mossad did 9/11 you traitor
3/4/2012For requesting bans for the anti semites and sharia lovers.
3/4/2012What a dumbass you are..
3/4/2012Just cause I like your posts....Jonke
3/2/2012Can't see the writing on the wall!
3/2/2012Sleeping Giant
3/2/2012For being a stinky dick licker ! woohoo. keep lickin stinky dick and you will get more green. aight bitch
3/1/2012For your Rush Limbaugh comment
2/29/2012To cancel out a very rare green you might get.
2/29/2012You suck
2/28/2012For standing up for what's right, regardless of comtempory political correctness
2/28/2012Gay thread lol
2/27/2012Good thread.
2/26/2012You are a dirtyer old man then my hippy son jesus-GOD
2/26/2012Gosh you´re a douche
2/26/2012Drive by hating
2/25/2012Bitch about red karma, receive red karma LoL
2/25/2012It became clear by the quality of posts that I needed to return. F.A.G
2/25/2012I can tell from your avatar that you're a fan of gay porn.
2/25/2012Please don't breed!
2/25/2012Stupid posts.
2/25/2012Greek Room. :)
2/25/2012I agree 100% about karma.
2/25/2012You are a fag
2/25/2012Good Karma for you, bro! even if it is inappropriate(~) <Peace be with You(~)> tSJ
2/25/2012You asked for it you crybaby cunt face homo quit bitching and go somewhere else!
2/25/2012I just love when idiots complain about the karma ratings. Come to think of it I gave you red several times and you just enrolled in a lifetime red karma suscription , enjoy little boy
2/25/2012Good karma for your karma thread - Hagmann
2/25/2012Please leave this site
2/25/2012Fancy boy
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