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ObeWayneKenobe's Karma

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7/9/2012Long time no see. Bed aka Pool
7/9/2012Always positive Karma 4 U, Master OWK(~), tSJ
6/28/2012Sora + riku = best game ever bro
6/23/2012Did you retire this sock puppet, candice NiP?
5/13/2012Good to see you!!!
5/8/2012Hi CANDACE!!!!
4/12/2012I miss you, Master OWK(~) Where have you been? <Peace be with You(~)> tSJ
4/11/2012Not logging into this account anymore Candace ? ;)
4/1/2012Always Good Karma for Master OWK(~). tSJ
3/21/2012Hope all is well with you, GOD BLESS, firmament
3/4/2012I hope all is well for Master OWK(~) <Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
2/18/2012Hello Candace ;)
1/28/2012Spreading karma love....Being Mindful
1/24/2012It's green time, firmament
1/22/2012Green love coming your way! (:-DeeZe
1/19/20121....Being Mindful
1/17/2012For your newest thread, always love em....lotza <3 2 u....see<@>you
1/15/2012Great Post!
1/8/2012Karma time....Being Mindful
1/4/2012Great Chlorell and Sprulina thread Obe... My2centsworth
1/2/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
1/2/2012Positive energy, informative non-judgemental posts .. thank you!
1/2/2012God Bless, firmament
1/2/2012Candace in disguise.
1/1/2012You're just as nuts as nip
1/1/2012NIP Clone!
1/1/2012Karma time....Being Mindful
12/30/2011Thank you for being the Master(~) < Peace be with You(~) >
12/24/2011Jesus Loves You, and I do too! - Lisa:)
12/24/2011Let us create our own script. Peace, a student of Protean thought.
12/22/2011You haven't a clue to shit. Quit acting as if you know anything about God or this world. Your an uneducated arse.
12/19/2011Karma for you since your on my buddy list....Being Mindful
12/17/2011Poorly disguised deceiver. Your attempts at deception and lies are weak. Stop serving the evil one.
12/12/2011Enjoyed it, Merci
12/10/2011Much love to you! (:-DeeZe
12/8/2011Blessings to you! - Lisa :)
11/26/2011Arrogant troll. No love in this person except for themselves.
11/23/2011Happy Thanksgiving! (:-DeeZe
11/23/2011For Logic thinking
11/21/2011For being on my buddy list....Being Mindful
11/21/2011Great response to the bear thread, n34444
11/21/2011Naive child with minimal life experience.
11/20/2011For saying the Holy Bible is full of trash and rewritten garbage on Ice's thread!
11/19/2011For Mature & Peaceful Debate - Acts Of Thomas
11/17/2011Ttruth the white rose
11/17/2011Liar and deceiver
11/17/2011For hijacking threads with godless diatribe
11/16/2011For liking my comment
11/15/2011Always Positive Karma for Master OWK(~) Peace be with You
11/15/2011He's stating his opinions and it's all good
11/15/2011HUGS* for you, Obe. I hope you and yours are well. ~Sandi
11/15/2011Truth about bible. Good job.
11/14/2011More red
11/14/2011Love your posts! Keep up the good fight!
11/14/2011NIPs sock puppet
11/14/2011Some Sunshine for your day =)
11/11/2011Karma for you....Being Mindful
11/10/2011We may disagree, but I like you Obe~Karma from KoFFee~God Bless
11/9/2011Your deceptions and twists of truth will only result in your eternal destruction and you having to answer for the death of thers. But you know this dont you.
10/30/2011Keep fighting the good fight!
10/27/2011Good to see you around the ole campus, Master OWK(~) ty for the comment in my thread >Peace be with You(~)
10/27/2011<3 Only Me
10/24/2011For common sense
10/21/2011Feel sorry for you caught up in new age....
10/21/2011Liar, young one, new age player, candace lover, alien lover
10/18/2011Gay cartoon take it up the ass Obewan!
10/13/2011Your each day could be your last post. ZP
10/12/2011Feel better, Obe. Sending you some love and light. ~ Sandi
10/7/2011Like the pleasant tone. -- borian
10/2/2011From those that hide out.
10/1/2011You are a deluded tard too
9/30/2011Good to see you again, Master OWK, Peace be with You(~)
9/29/2011Christ is KING
9/28/2011Your the man Obe!
9/28/2011No matter how many you deceive, the path you are on will only lead in one thing. Eternal death because you are warring against Jesus Christ.
9/23/2011Misssweetpea karma
9/22/2011You are a good soul!!!- fairflight-
9/22/2011Perky personality, rotten beliefs
9/21/2011His/her posts are to the point he knows what he writes about
9/18/2011Great opinion on Ele. Thanks.
9/13/2011Dragon in sheeps clothing
9/13/2011LOL your too cute
9/13/2011For being a retarded liar-assbeef.
9/11/2011True truther
9/11/2011No judgement even when you are judged by many. +1
9/10/2011Why not?
9/9/20114 u
9/9/2011For showing a healthy scepticism... Keep your mind free by staying free!
9/8/2011Love ya buddy
9/8/2011Believe in the force Luke!!! i mean karma!!!
9/8/2011I love that you aren't afraid to go toe-to-toe in discussions and you actually have some great insight.
9/8/2011For trolling Christians
9/8/2011ObeWayneKenobe ,,, some positive "K" for ya ,,, I hope it helps to offset the negs ya got,,, hitndahedfred
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