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New Age Messiah's Karma

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11/18/2011Sad individual.
11/18/2011Why do you even post???? Move on!
11/18/2011Hail, New Age Messiah
11/18/2011Old false messiah
11/18/2011Just because you can't understand a book doesn't mean those that do understand are "stupid". Stop trolling.
11/18/2011You're the biggest loser in the history of GLP. Your art is talentless garbage too.
11/18/2011It is about that time!
11/18/2011You are an idiot
11/18/2011Again with the bullshit threads. Please kill yourself. Thank you.
11/18/2011Burn in
11/18/2011Keep your beliefs and satanism to yourself! Thanks :)
11/17/2011Karma time~~~dogmeat2112~~~​~
11/17/2011Grow up kid
11/17/2011Keep ruffling those feathers :) ~GG
11/17/2011Foul spirit will gain its reward
11/17/2011Closet Christian. Don't be afraid, we wont judge you just because you love jesus
11/17/2011Waste of space
11/17/2011Looks like you need it
11/17/2011You sound like you are trying to be a decent person. That's all anyone can try to do. Devorahg
11/16/2011You are such a MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! How does a person get as fucked up as you are? FUCK YOU , FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU YOU MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!
11/16/2011You need more
11/16/2011Green Karma my Friend....stay safe! AdHocBOHICA
11/16/2011Weekly bad karma for your stunning douchbaggery
11/16/2011Just helpin my red brotha with some green. SLaP
11/16/2011Ron Paul is Our Man!
11/15/2011Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay
11/15/2011Because you need some green :)
11/15/2011Just giving you my weekly bad karma, have a nice day ;-)
11/15/2011You're a good person, truthteller 1-2-Follow
11/15/2011Cain is a hoax lol totally dude
11/14/2011Your so funny!!!! although i don't agree with some of the stuff you post, i like your posts keep postin! - OneEyedWoman
11/14/2011Jeez you are a dill. Aunty Flo xxx
11/14/2011The epitome of shit and babble
11/13/2011Have you devoted your entire life to criticizing Cain? WTH does a debate have to do with the ability to be POTUS? Or anything else?
11/13/2011For realKarma I always like your posts Zosime
11/13/2011I love how you piss off all the knuckle-dragging chimps!!!! KuDos!
11/13/2011Schizo-affective bipolar delusional nutjob...
11/12/2011Complete and utter fuckwit
11/12/2011You're the dithering boob!
11/12/2011Voted most deluded cunt on GLP - 3rd week in a row
11/12/20114 your Blasphemy - JESUS is LORD and HE IS coming soon!
11/11/2011For realizing Herman Cain is a butt-nugget ~~Roentgen
11/11/2011You are Gay. No doubt.
11/11/2011Get fucked.
11/11/2011Because you already have so much negative karma, you likely deserve it.
11/11/2011Misleading information.
11/11/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2011You sick faggot
11/11/2011Abusive language
11/11/2011LOVED the CAIN THE PIMP DADDY PIC ,,,,,hitndahedfred
11/11/2011Death of the Euro Doom Great Article
11/10/2011Good catch OP N3M3S1S
11/10/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/10/2011Mindless drone
11/10/2011What an amazing mind. Your parents must be proud.
11/10/2011Just cause you don't like someone, say something this horrible without aANYTHING to back up your shit!! go away
11/10/2011Jealous fool
11/10/2011Your support of RP is almost enough to make me want to support some shill.
11/9/2011You know I luv ya!
11/9/2011Hey Jay, it has been a week. Did you miss me?
11/8/2011Right on!
11/7/2011Obama 2012 or Bust!!!
11/7/2011Love not hate
11/7/2011For posting the video for me
11/7/2011Cain is a pervert douchebag - UGLY language!
11/7/2011For inecting troof into the cain train - 1-2-Follow
11/7/2011Because you are a fucking pottymouth.
11/6/2011Cains a bitch
11/4/2011For being a maroon--Hawgzilla
11/4/2011Moranic(sic) agenda boy, with an IQ below room temp.
11/4/2011Weekly dose, dumbass
11/4/2011A loyal minion
11/4/2011Spritually dead
11/4/2011You're a real winner....not
11/4/2011For being an all around douche
11/4/2011Your last thread is too much
11/4/2011You must be the chairman of the thumbs down club
11/4/2011You're a total fucktard and a sick bastered!
11/4/2011Beguiled and deceived for 30 pieces of silver
11/4/2011Voted most deluded cunt on GLP 2ns week running
11/4/2011You should see someone about all that spitefulness
11/4/2011Delusional bigot. A spirit talking to you doesn't make you the messiah, she didn't even say that.
11/4/2011Great thread!!!~dog2112
11/4/2011Crazy as a bessie bug.
11/4/2011So, what's for dinner?
11/4/2011Yup. Geoduck
11/4/2011Evil liar deceiver manipulated masturbator
11/3/2011All your deceptive words, thoughts, and actions will eventually be brought into judgment. Are they in perfect accordance with the Word of God? Time is short.
11/2/2011Pity karma vote
11/2/2011Payback's a bitch, bitch
11/2/2011C U Next Tuesday. Seek therapy Jay.
11/1/2011SUCK IT. You're good at that atleast.
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