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New Age Messiah's Karma

Total: 755 (587  User Votes + 129  Threads Pinned + 39  Thread Reports) and 1363

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10/9/2011Mainly because your Karma (and likely, you) need some love... ;-) enjoy Scar
10/9/2011Ja ja you are right!
10/9/2011Hater of religion, one of the more idiotic people on this site.
10/9/2011Do I need a reason?
10/8/2011Thumbs down from Flo. Purely because you delete posts from your threads. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
10/8/2011Feel sorry for you...
10/8/2011Complete self-centered delusional idiot
10/8/2011Because Jesus loves you. See ye the Lord while there is yet time, he will forgive you.
10/7/2011Whore is such a cool word!
10/7/2011For being stupid. Not that you can help it.
10/7/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/7/2011Reported Copyright Violation
10/7/2011Cain Thread -Rev
10/6/2011From the ClappaGuy!
10/5/2011Don't be a dick. Give respect to a lost life, regardless if you like them or not.
10/5/2011Mocking the death of steve jobs is seriously fucked up
10/5/2011Loser who posts rediculous posts to waste valuable GLP time.
10/4/2011For aiming for the red record. Why don't you just sart copy pasting shit from the internet and not provide links? Much quicker.
10/4/2011Wish you a nice big belated FUCK YOU for your birthday Jay. You really need to seek professional help.
10/4/2011Grandios dillusional disorder
10/4/2011For general ass-clownery
10/2/2011Me Owow! here is your b'day karma and may God....oh wait! Have a great day!
10/2/2011Happy Birthday - JESUS is LORD and HE IS coming soon! Enjoy your day!
10/2/2011Happy Birthday tard
10/2/2011Fuck your shit
10/2/2011Well Said
10/2/2011OOPS! I clicked on the red thumb! Sorry.
10/2/2011Happy fuckin birthday lol
10/1/2011Kiss this.
10/1/2011Hey famous glper instead of kissing up, kiss my ass
10/1/2011Peddle your wares elsewhere
10/1/2011U'r a Pseudo Spiritualist and you know it. No Spritual One has such a large Ego. Epic Fail
10/1/2011Kissing up - wookiee666
10/1/2011Fucking dumb-ass
10/1/2011Lol because you think it's funny to be bad karma-ed. Good for you that you don't care ;)
10/1/2011Most pointless post I have ever seen.
10/1/2011You're FIRED- Tefnut
10/1/2011You aren't shit brother. You delete posts that threaten your delusions. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you get humbled. From Aunty Flo.
10/1/2011You are a traitor to the republic.
9/30/2011Delusional douchebag
9/30/2011Good intentions....Danly
9/30/2011Truth - IntimateShine ;)
9/30/2011Good reponse
9/30/2011Yee-Haw I'm #91
9/30/2011For telling lies about me. Signed: The Godess
9/30/2011For humor...pull it :p
9/30/2011Self absorbed narcissist
9/30/2011Narcistic ego
9/30/2011Full of himself
9/30/2011Nobody wannabe
9/30/2011Kiss up to my balls faggot
9/29/2011Not a nice person
9/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/29/2011As promised ~Aphrodite~
9/29/2011Should at least try to elaborate the contradiction before raising the damn flag
9/29/2011Cuz you can't do anything about it
9/28/2011Mentally ill, but entertaining.
9/28/2011Don't agree with you but do not think it's a reason for bad Karma. Real Christians aren't here to put you down but to pray for you and your enlightenment. Peace and Blessings.
9/28/2011New age crap
9/28/2011Do you truly not realize that nobody on this forum likes you? Go away.
9/27/2011This person is deeply disturbed.
9/27/2011I don't believe in you.
9/27/2011Hello Jay, here is my weekly does of bad karma for you.
9/27/2011Might be the first time I've ever agreed with you, but this is a 5* thread
9/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2011It's NAM. Do I need a reason?
9/27/2011You know whats funny? Christianity will never be over, we will be here your whole life, I will convert your grandchildren....:)
9/27/2011Jesus died for your sins too and it's not too late to repent
9/27/2011Using the words buttboy and Jesus together, just because you don't believe, doesn't mean you have to hurt others.
9/27/2011You offer NOTHING to GLP. People like you make this planet a terrible place to be. Useless.
9/27/2011Jesus is awesome, and your not.
9/26/2011Lousy piece of shit
9/26/2011Reported Copyright Violation
9/25/2011I hope you get ebolla and bleed out through your arse
9/25/2011Being as you have bad karma I will give you one good. Though I don't understand your Christian bashing and as it seems, hate towards people that believe in something other that you do. God Bless.
9/25/2011Because your Karma shouldn't be that negative
9/24/2011Hows that New Age crap working for ya!!
9/24/2011For the humor ..jynxxx96
9/24/2011Stole another person's idea & presents it as his own??
9/24/2011Wow you are the first one to get Karma from me.
9/24/2011Do you ever shut the fuck up?
9/24/2011Weekly karma
9/24/2011Cause you need it
9/24/2011For being an all around fucktard.
9/23/2011For good fashion sense! ~cc
9/23/2011Grow a penis you non penis growing freak
9/23/2011Bitchboy does your goddess condone pedophilia?
9/23/2011Pitty Karma, I really feel sorry for you
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