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New Age Messiah's Karma

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9/23/2011Complete Idiot
9/23/2011Becuae the karma system sucks big time, and you certainly do not deserve all the bad karma.
9/22/2011You deserve a break today.
9/22/2011I bet you smell like fresh horse piss.
9/22/2011Guy needs it
9/22/2011Youre right- freethinker!
9/22/2011Poop dick
9/22/2011Please never post at GLP (I will pray for you)
9/22/2011New Age Dickface
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/21/2011You need to seek the truth
9/21/2011FALSE New Age Messiah - A LIAR & ANTIChrist + general douchebag.
9/21/2011Not a nice person; crappy threads
9/21/2011From Owow! You are funny (in a good way) and I like the exchange of thoughts you present in your posts - . No you can't be my Messiah - and I still love your jewelry.
9/21/2011Fuck Rick Perry and fuck you.
9/21/2011I agree
9/21/2011Kerry + Obama = 1 point
9/21/2011ChopinRocks Gave U Good Karma? Nuff Said.
9/21/2011Funniest pictue ever. Storm
9/21/2011Thanks or the HILARIOUS picture of Obama waving!! From Eggcellent
9/21/2011Thanks for not deleting my mean posts (guess you have the balls ;-`) ) I wish you happiness and after reading your posts can only imagine how tramatic it must be for you to have been repeatedly rape
9/21/2011Prime nice smiley
9/21/2011Nice post on Christurds - chopinrocks
9/21/2011Your goddess cannot save you.
9/21/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/21/2011Me ----> O////d (_(__) <----you
9/21/2011More like New Age Idiot
9/20/2011Cause everyone needs a little positive.
9/20/2011Boring people go to hell
9/20/2011Dont start a poll and shoot it down, where's the fun in that bro lmao
9/20/2011Your an idoit. Get your fire suit ready. Your gona need it.
9/20/2011Self important egotistical new age phoney
9/20/2011Psycho fag - anybody can look at any public information for any reason
9/20/2011Truth teller
9/20/2011Who the fuck you think you are ?
9/20/20111 Fucktard
9/20/2011Why are you here? buttboy loser
9/20/2011What a dick
9/20/2011Your art sucks. so do your threads and posts.
9/20/2011Who is the goddess
9/19/2011Not a very nice person.
9/19/2011Cheap, tacky handcrafted jewelry is NOT art
9/19/2011For being silly
9/19/2011Big ego and bad artwork.
9/19/2011Not very bright. I think he is a closet Christian
9/19/2011I always wanted to give a God positive karma
9/18/2011You post your nonsense
9/18/2011How about you leave....
9/18/2011For truth
9/18/2011Because Jay is a New Age Idiot
9/18/2011Generalizations of insult.
9/18/2011For claiming to be a messiah
9/18/2011Posts inaccurate statements; twisted dogma. Not needed.
9/18/2011Give it a rest
9/18/2011Beligerant jackass
9/17/2011From wookiee666
9/17/2011Super stupid
9/17/2011Cause I feel like it
9/17/2011You smell like moldy bread.
9/17/2011Peace be unto you and your closed mind.
9/17/2011New age retard
9/16/2011Seek treatment for mental illness
9/16/2011Because we go way back. CJ
9/16/2011Because you could use it
9/16/2011I find your karma amusing so +1 for standing up to those GodTards
9/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2011Here wipe your ass with this karma point..
9/16/2011The Bible IS worthless
9/16/2011You are what us Christians call "in the dark."
9/16/2011Spiteful trolling and negativity
9/16/2011THank you for standing up to the ignorance that is the Bible.
9/16/2011Extereme Rage and alot of ranting in post, not sure they care about Karma!
9/16/2011Your offensive. And it is because of your disregard for the LORD, Our Majesty, Our King, that whatever judgment HE gives to you, He will find appropiate.
9/16/2011Ego tripper
9/16/2011The Bible is not worthless, your post is....
9/16/2011Look at all the RED on this page. GET A CLUE !!!!
9/16/2011While he lacks the intelellect of other occlutists here...he is still a liar and a decievier..hard to have a conversation with because he lacks so much knowledge.
9/16/2011Shuv this up your athiest ass , fag boy
9/16/2011Good post.
9/15/2011Reported Copyright Violation
9/15/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/15/2011For being excessively rude, arrogant and CLUELESS. Do yourself a favor and get help. Your delusions of your superiority are wearisome. Youre just another mental case.
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