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New Age Messiah's Karma

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5/11/2014You are a revolting human being who has sold his sole to the devil (and the Communist party). Hope it was worth it.
5/11/2014For making me see that gay shlt on Fudge Report
5/11/2014Thought you needed some-Garymule
5/11/2014Red just because everyone else hates you
5/11/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/11/2014Asshole faggot
5/11/2014Oh no, there is a gay picture... Homophobe
5/11/2014"New Age Messiah" meaning "I AM A TOOL"
5/11/2014For truth!! ibyte on 2
5/11/2014He is neither a liar or stupid
5/9/2014Saw your post, did not even read it. Just red karma for you!
5/8/2014Stop deceiving yourself so wilfully
5/5/2014You are so fucking retarded.
5/5/2014Please stop complaining about your tiny dick size. There is nothing we here at GLP can do for you. Thanks
5/4/2014Just give up already. You'll never convert anyone.
5/4/2014No one gives a shit about you. Stop posting troll.
4/27/2014I liike that piece more than all the others you have made. Well done.
4/25/2014Back Stage AssPlyer
4/20/2014Immaturity personified.
4/19/2014In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum. In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te. Be gone demon - you are not of God
4/19/2014You deal well with bible trolls LOL
4/19/2014Easter is a pagan holiday. Festival of First Fruits is on that day this year. :)
4/15/2014In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum. In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te. Be gone demon - you are not of God
4/15/2014Good point on the 4/15/14 sexual energy thread! Nice that you are using your mind. Have a good day! :D GreenishAndCoolish
4/15/2014Stop playing your dumb games
4/15/2014Window is closing. repent
4/13/2014A little green for you
4/13/2014Oh you're back, here's some welcome back red.
3/31/2014Go away
3/30/2014You thell it to those christian retards!
3/30/2014God I wish your mom had better aim with the hanger
3/30/2014You aren't on the gradeschool playground. where do you think you are?
3/30/2014Shutup. Youre useless
3/22/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2014Good thread
3/22/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2014Woooooo Green for you Messiah! - DP
3/22/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/19/2014Mystery Babylon is going down
3/19/2014You're the most annoying useless poster on this site. Do the world a favor and suck start a pistol
3/19/2014Narcisistic bastard
3/19/2014Wow you're so great, how's the air up there on that pedestal? We all bow to your supreme amazing-ness. Douchebag.
3/19/2014No one cares because your a SHILL!
3/19/2014<3 biden
3/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/16/2014Look its that crazy fuck again
3/16/2014WHY come INSIDE to PISS and SHIT???
3/16/2014Our littlest angel
3/15/2014Fuck you.
3/15/2014You need fire insurance. next place your going is hot. time is short. Repent while you can
3/15/2014You don't have enough red.
3/15/2014Forgot all about you until you posted more shit.
3/7/2014Cos i hate u
2/18/2014Drown in da red
2/5/2014Being wrong..russel wilson
2/4/2014You need more red you pos
2/2/2014YOU FAIL! Lololololololololol
1/31/2014Demon worshiper
1/27/2014Thumbs up for jewelry craftwork from goodmockingbird
1/26/2014True, thoughts are not a problem for the retarded.
1/23/2014Touch my penis
1/21/2014Our village idiot
1/21/2014Sexy turd
1/21/2014You are a moron
1/21/2014Friendly to goddess
1/21/2014Still a Pedo
1/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/19/2014Hawks win. homo supporting 49ers lose, fuck off.
1/19/2014Hahahahah go Hawks
1/19/2014Denver blows
1/17/2014Fuck you asshat,for oldtime sake.
1/17/2014Says a 40whiner fan
1/17/2014The Seahawks will win the superbowl and tromp your ass.
1/15/2014Here some more idiot
1/14/2014Some green for you, keep doing your thing!
1/14/2014Nice to see ya :) ~ RT
1/13/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/13/2014Still a pedo
1/13/2014You're Back!!! You Crazy Fuck!!!!
1/12/2014Fook you, religitard
1/12/2014Assholeness ambassador, may your journey into the red karma brings you joy, pleasure and fun.
1/12/2014Watch the movie-the bay
1/12/2014Cool story bro. :-|
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