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New Age Messiah's Karma

Total: 755 (587  User Votes + 129  Threads Pinned + 39  Thread Reports) and 1363

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9/15/2011You're an idiot...and not funny.
9/15/2011You suck man boobs
9/15/2011Becuase you tell Apollo....that piece of crap off! Ha ha ha! ~JustUs~/Lisa
9/15/2011Dumb post yet again
9/15/2011Hardcore Attention Whoring. Nice try. I am the Nobody. I am the One. I am the one who is giving you this negative karma. Buzz off pest.
9/15/2011New Age Troll, love it!
9/15/2011Lame! Why is this pinned?
9/15/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/15/2011Youre full of shit
9/15/2011Crap posting..Repubtard
9/14/2011Lover of farm animals
9/14/2011Cool vid
9/14/2011ILove YOU
9/14/2011Some people are assholes...you've always been kind and polite to kittehs :)
9/14/2011NAM is annoyingly arrogant, with a nasty attitude to many here on glp
9/14/2011You're harmless. My little bit to help balance the negativity.
9/14/2011I was shocked to see your karma in the red! -Omar
9/13/2011Dumb sheep
9/13/2011For the love love love of israel!....
9/13/2011Intelligent answer
9/13/2011What a worthless whoring shill prick you are. You maybe registered but you might as well be an AC or even wrose PUNISHER with your ignorant arguements.
9/13/2011Being a malignant prick
9/12/2011Worthless fuckin turd sucker
9/12/2011Because you're an asshole.
9/12/2011Here is some negative karma for you, you new age cocksiah
9/12/2011Unreasonably disrespectful comment
9/12/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/12/2011Joining the train.
9/11/2011New Age Bullshit!
9/11/2011For thinking your shit dont stink (HUGE ego)
9/11/2011Moran with lame "art"
9/11/2011Couldn't hold his own in a debate with me a few months back and banned me from his thread like a scared little girl.
9/11/2011Satanic lovers are sadly blindfolded.
9/11/2011Leave and take your junk jewelry with you
9/11/2011A complete fool. Seriously needs professional help
9/11/2011This is what crazy looks like .
9/11/2011Fucking batshit insane didn't realize they had wifi at the nuthouse
9/11/2011Liar and deceiver
9/10/2011Hate him
9/10/2011Idiot in love with self. Tuffnuts LOL!
9/10/2011Deluded fool
9/9/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
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