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New Age Messiah's Karma

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12/19/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/19/2013You are a very sad man. Id bet to say you have " mommy issues" as well as the obvious.
12/19/2013Your weekly karma.
12/19/2013Just because
12/19/2013When Jesus comes back he's going to fuck you in the ass with a Crucifix
12/19/2013Made me laugh....Quak quak...Jebus calling
12/19/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/19/2013The New Messiah of SUCK!
12/19/2013You got embarrased on a radio show over Sandy Hook. Hahahahaha
12/18/2013Good luck on your way, atheist who has a icon avatar lol -dp
12/18/2013Fuck you too
12/17/2013Shit for brains
12/17/2013Mentally ill
12/11/2013I hate you and I think you and your mirroracle necklace is stupid as fuck... but its done decently enough.
12/9/2013For the Wilcock thread!! #mister_worldwide
12/7/2013Jesus loves you ajd he is waiting for your repentance with open arms, never mind you're a monkey asswipe.
12/3/2013Heres some green...for your dedication. -krystle ann
11/28/2013Have a great thanksgiving
11/28/2013Ive missed giving you the red, stupid deceiver.
11/28/2013Happy thanksgiving fuck stick
11/27/2013Ever the douche bag.
11/27/2013Praying for you!
11/26/2013For the Wilcock thread! ROFL #mister_worldwide
11/24/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/24/2013Yep...we finally agree on something
11/23/2013Hi! God Bless!
11/23/2013You so fucking deserve this...wish it was capable of a something physical, like a boot to your stupid, arrogant ass!
11/23/2013I have to agree
11/23/2013Punk ass bitch
11/23/2013You're still a cunt. :)
11/22/2013Dick of the week
11/21/2013Stop being a pretender. Find your own calling. SUROH4711
11/21/20131 to try and balance the red :) - TreeBudZ
11/21/2013Some green for you - Ladyk
11/20/2013Good article on HHS. thanks -Nemamiah
11/20/2013Fucking nutter
11/20/2013I believe you. you have no reason to lie. New Heart
11/16/2013Oh Look ... GLP's resident FAG is back ....just fuck off NAM you are a fraud
11/16/2013Douchebag in need of psych meds..LOL that made me laugh,,cuz its true.
11/15/2013More red for the asshole!
11/15/2013Wow, you piss off alot of people. Have some good karma. -Heterozygous
11/15/2013Your full of hate, dam...
11/12/2013Have some love :D
11/11/2013Great thread, from Terrebonne
11/11/2013Have a love hug from a random christian from the bottom of my heart.
11/11/2013I'm sorry i messed your thread up!
11/8/2013Thank you for the ball polish last night :) You dirty queeny. :)
11/5/2013Needs more red to understand ....fuck off
11/4/2013I AM the Goddess watching you this whole time,and i don't like what I have seen.
11/4/2013You are a false prophet
11/4/2013Good post about money -dp
11/3/2013True Love your way M )
11/2/2013Wearing your downvotes as a badge of honor is no prize. repent. you must repent. time is short
11/2/2013Still a stupid cultist
11/2/2013You are so wrong and headed to eternal damnation
11/2/2013Fuck you
10/26/2013Fuckwad twat
10/25/2013God Bless You :-) Rising Son
10/25/2013Still a pedo
10/24/2013Fail as usual....Hope you see the light soon...
10/23/2013Jesus loves you, nomatter how much you hate everything about him. Hugs.
10/20/2013Yum yum
10/20/2013Come to your senses young man, Christ lives.
10/20/2013I like you
10/19/2013Is That a Vagina on You Forehead
10/17/2013FUCK OFF NAM - you are a waste of space ....and a fraud
10/17/2013Hey new age, people hate on u lots but i dont :) webby
10/17/2013Still a Pedo
10/17/2013Mene Mene Tekel Parsin. You have been weighed in the balances and found to be a douchebag.
10/17/2013Hey there nam
10/17/2013Ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness for your mocking
10/17/2013HE will not be mocked!
10/17/2013At least use words and not rude gestures, no wonder you have so much red
10/16/2013You are the dumb ass
10/16/2013You're a douche
10/14/2013You are an idiotic fucktard!
10/13/2013U Mad Bro?
10/13/2013Enlightening your own ass will give the greatest mesianic job you will ever do
10/11/2013Get out of the basement once in a while
10/11/2013NEW aGE cRAP, tHERE iS no nEW aGE
10/5/2013Religitard!!!! stfu already!!!!
10/3/2013Such a d-bag.
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