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New Age Messiah's Karma

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10/2/2013Some birthday green! ~Naga
10/2/2013Have a kudo....grumpier
10/2/2013Still a pedophile
10/2/2013From green_girl ~ thanksd for sharing the pic!
10/2/2013TeftNUT told me to do this
9/29/2013Go Stick Your Finger in a Light Socket
9/29/2013The most hated poster on GLP-Congrats!
9/29/2013You're a strange person
9/29/2013Just because you ARE an asshole... and you have no friends.
9/29/2013Ruling is something that goes beyond your abilities.
9/28/2013Just shut the fuck up
9/27/2013Im hated on here too nrgisforever
9/24/2013For the sandy hook threads
9/22/2013Need to fill up the red.
9/22/2013Have a great day !
9/22/2013You just like the red huh? weekly red from now on.
9/22/2013Only Love in truth
9/22/2013I forgive you and your ignorance
9/22/2013Messiah huh lmfao...hard to be a messiah when everyone sees through your bs what a fucking waste of space you have become
9/22/2013Total Asshat
9/22/2013I hate religion.
9/22/2013Ur karma is too red for how awesome u are.
9/21/2013Lol you suck so much dick... that dyson made you head of their R&D
9/15/2013For trying to truth
9/15/2013Jesus is going to body slam your nonbelieving ass on the sidewalk when he returns
9/15/2013You are a psychopathic loser - shut up
9/12/2013Your "Goddess" Leftnut is a whore
9/11/2013Total dumbass
9/11/2013Another one for your collection.
9/9/2013Is it hard to get through doorways with that swollen head? Self imporance is over rate...
9/9/2013Kill yourself
9/9/2013You'll get your justice when your asshole falls out. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to stick things up there?
9/9/2013Such a dipshit
9/9/2013Gloryhole tongue janitor.
9/8/2013Get on Meds!
9/8/2013Serial molester of woodland creatures
9/8/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/8/2013Douche bag
9/8/2013Asshole loser
9/8/2013You're an asshole---UTownTrash
9/8/2013Shill harder
9/7/2013Wrong as usual
9/7/2013Retarded retard
9/7/2013ReligiTard - Jesus Hater!
9/7/2013Penis envy
9/7/2013Monthly offering
9/7/2013You have too much red. here's some green.
9/7/2013Dick head!!!!
9/7/2013Idiot, idiot, idiot
9/2/2013Soliciting items on GLP
9/2/2013Hmmm.. let's see, what can I say for this week? oh, I know!! Isn't the new age old by now?
9/2/2013Happy Labor Day! Congrats on the new job! Seriously! Hope It works out for you! STILL HATE YOU THOUGH!
9/2/2013New Age Tard
9/2/2013For annoying the Bible-Tards -InToTheLight
8/31/2013You bring nothing to the table of much value.
8/31/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2013Jesus Buttboy
8/31/2013Jesus was a fucking homo.
8/31/2013We are watching you.
8/31/2013Self-aggrandizing nonsense.
8/31/2013Kill your self
8/29/2013Haha, nice karma. Seem most see through your inanity, eh?
8/29/2013" It will be for SHEEPLES only "....That's true
8/28/2013Creepiest man online
8/25/2013The Original Mr Hands
8/25/2013Insulting as usual...
8/25/2013You just love red don't you?
8/25/2013Fucking Retarded Idiot
8/24/2013Despite your assholism, Jesus loves you. Repent and be forgiven by the Only Son Of God.
8/24/2013What's it like being a dickhead?
8/21/2013I will not return this red to safe mode. I offer it to you. New Age Messiah
8/19/2013You bring nothing productive to the table. Just egoic nonsense.
8/19/2013Fuck off NAM -- It's heaps better here without you
8/19/2013Trolling Posts
8/19/2013Holy fuck! i thought you were locked up in the looney bin or some shit!
8/18/2013Stfu You Retarded Asshole!!!
8/18/2013The Goddess Is Very Angry... And She Is Cooking.
7/26/2013Enjoys fondling small animals
7/23/2013Just because i can
7/12/2013Not for being a gay but because you are bottom
6/20/2013Still a pedophile
6/10/2013F to the art
6/3/2013Cool pics
6/3/2013All hail, NAM!
5/28/2013Another big ol wet weekly FART for your nasty self!
5/27/2013Oh god! I should have known it was you.
5/27/2013Fucking Piece of Shit
5/24/2013Star of 2 guys, 1 horse
5/19/2013Lemme just leave this here for you.. i didnt know where else to put it *farts
5/14/2013LMAO Dumb shit and u still wont admit being wrong
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