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New Age Messiah's Karma

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5/13/2013Looks like you are still a douche. Quit making us look like retards, retard
5/13/2013Judgmental left-wing cunt - thinks she's jesus.
5/12/2013Kill yourself
5/8/2013LOL @ "Syrias" ~scorpio66
5/7/2013Still a Pedo
5/7/2013I see you haven't shot your self yet, what a shame
5/7/2013Fuck you
5/7/2013I hate you
5/7/2013Why are you so full of hate
5/7/2013Someone ban this guy
5/7/2013You need all the red
5/7/2013Burn in hell
5/7/2013Karma is a bitch it's gonna bite you in the ass
5/7/2013You should be commited to medical facilaty and never let out
5/7/2013Judgemental prick
5/7/2013You red bar is too long!
5/7/2013Agree on tatz
5/7/2013I hope gnomes kidnap you in your sleep and tattoo "Douche Bag the Fag" onto your forehead your worthless prick :D
5/6/2013Now I know why too much red... you really are a fkng moron, just go and hang yourself up.
5/6/2013For being a Jesus-Fucker
5/6/2013All i can say is "SEEK THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE" Plase do it. for your self.
5/6/2013Agree on tats
5/5/2013Total idiot
5/2/2013False flag bs-get real
5/1/2013The Bible says on judgement day EVERY knee shall bow to Jesus .... that includes YOURS
5/1/2013New Age fucktard, yeah buddy
4/30/2013Are you Russ in disguise?
4/30/2013NAM drove straight to LA when he heard about the free anal probes
4/29/2013You would know all about faking the facts wouldnt ya cocksucker
4/29/2013Namhoax shill
4/28/2013Really, leader soon to falter, good luck -doom
4/27/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/26/2013New Age Dipshit
4/25/2013Fuck you. hope you enjoy your stay in hell
4/25/2013You will burn
4/25/2013Can't you take a hint, you're not wanted here.
4/25/2013Go away already.
4/24/2013Because I seen you stick a banana up your ass then eat it. Just after you wanked off a pig.
4/22/2013You are not afraid to tell it like you see it. Mad respect for your work on SH! Keep up the fight for truth! ~UnmannedAerialPilot
4/21/2013Because you don't like beck....
4/21/2013Because u treat people well -- super bowl dave
4/21/2013You are one of the rare very small group of people I dislike. How do people tolerate you?
4/21/2013This poster seems to really care about the issues, why they have bad karma escapes me!
4/21/2013Pffft, Karma...
4/21/2013Why so much red, friend?
4/20/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/20/2013Moron shill
4/20/2013I don't agree with you, but I also wont bash you. Wish you the best. - TeChNoXiC
4/20/2013Rude jerk.
4/20/2013For the "you want change?" photo
4/19/2013You are a douche so large you could suck out the pacific ocean.
4/19/2013Psycho retard
4/19/2013Hi nutter! which alphebet agency sends you here to discredit conspiracies? shill fuck
4/19/2013Just trying to help balance your karma - Rev StarGazer
4/16/2013Bitch.... no one likes you
4/13/2013Good thread
4/13/2013The Bible says on judgement day EVERY knee shall bow to Jesus .... that includes YOURS
4/12/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/12/2013Your momma queefs smell of zombie puke.
4/11/2013I'll never like you.. have some green
4/10/2013Take your meds
4/10/2013You are freaking delusional
4/9/2013Die in a fire, you miserable little left-wing shitbag.
4/8/2013TRUTH SPEAKER! - Dr Gucci
4/7/2013Fuck your HITM = FYHITM
4/7/2013The shills give you the NEG - show's your'e onto something dude...
4/7/2013Strange person
4/7/2013Fuck yeah
4/7/2013Life without god, hows that working out for you?... really ?
4/7/2013Well Done.
4/6/2013A geniune feral turd.
4/6/2013Speaking of red, here you go
4/6/2013Deluded troll
4/6/2013"Has male horses probe him analy"
4/6/2013Howz about you STFU???
4/6/2013Most offensive poster on here
4/6/2013Green for keeping it real - quadro
4/6/2013Yabba Dabba DOOM! BRILLIANT!!!! -KarinZa
4/5/2013Great post
4/4/2013For your complete misunderstanding of the God and Goddess, and also for being an absolute nutbag in general...
3/31/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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