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New Age Messiah's Karma

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3/25/2013Fuck nam you got some haters,bet most of them are xtians,for your sandy hook threads.don't let them get you
3/25/2013You love yourself and your words far too much. Obviously you have some deep seated psychological issues. You should get that checked out!
3/25/2013Good karma for good thread
3/25/2013Very good thread!
3/25/2013Just because
3/25/2013Pedo karma
3/25/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/25/2013New Age bs
3/25/2013Please see a doctor. I really do have concern for your well being. Best wishes.
3/24/2013Here's some green for pissing off the Christians, keep up the good work
3/24/2013Shoot your self in the fucking face
3/24/2013I am really not sure why or what, but there's something about you i like.
3/24/2013You suck!
3/24/2013Err... you know one more won't hurt.
3/23/2013Hes a dink
3/21/2013Where do you ever come up with this crap? Seek Help please.
3/17/2013Hypocritical dumbass
3/17/2013Stfu you pussy dumb fuck...go talk about your sandy hook shit...at least there you had a small amount of credibility...stupid fucking faggot
3/17/2013You are a lunatic
3/17/2013For being a dumbass.
3/17/2013Jesus is FAKE !!! Keep up the good work
3/17/2013Jesus is very real
3/17/2013Correct -- super bowl dave
3/15/2013You really piss off a lot don't u:)
3/14/2013For truth
3/14/2013Kill yourself
3/9/2013Your necklaces and jewellery are cheap, poorly made tat. Get a real fucking job loser!
3/6/2013Y. o. U'r. e.. d. e. l. u. s. i. o. n. a. l
3/5/2013I dont like you :D
2/28/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/28/2013You're an idiot
2/27/2013Idiot. -1
2/25/2013Fuck off NAM
2/25/2013Cause you're a pedophile
2/23/2013Your head is burries so far up your ass we can't even hear you spew anymore.
2/22/2013A little green
2/21/2013Fuck you
2/21/2013Take your crazy ass somewhere else. we dont want you here
2/21/2013Everyone seems to hate you but you do good work on Sandy Hook. Keep it up!
2/20/2013For your work on sandy hook
2/19/2013Not sure what your problem is - CoTA
2/18/2013I Fucked Your Goddess ah ha ha ha FAGGOT!
2/18/2013I guess as a fag, you see everything through fag-colored lenses. You +mirror= only gay love i see
2/16/2013Egotistical prick
2/13/2013My monthly tithe
2/11/2013Quit stalking
2/7/2013Plenty of room for a thumbs up lol- hjtras
2/7/2013Atum swalled his own cum and spit it back out to form NAM. True story, look up Goddess Tefnut. Fukin fag
2/5/2013For good work on the Sandy hook facebook pages! And my 1 for you for this week! :)
2/5/2013The karma eagle makes a pass - ehecatl
2/5/2013You're worse than ttown
2/5/2013Just b/c
2/4/2013My name is NAM and I am a schizophrenic egotistical douche bag
2/4/2013Did you make those crafts at during afternoon group, you fucking nut-bag?
2/4/2013Pretty Jewelry
2/4/2013When Jesus comes back he's going to shove your shitty jewelry up your ass without lube.
2/1/2013Pedo karma
2/1/2013NAM, you are a fuckwad of spent jizz on the oprah's chin
1/31/2013Heres some green! why do u have so much red?
1/31/2013From requiem
1/30/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/30/2013Good Work!
1/30/2013Always drawing attention to yourself even though you're retarded.
1/30/2013For raising awareness. Kinect
1/30/2013Poor taste comment about a school shooting
1/30/2013Appreciate your efforts! Hawk02
1/29/2013For the guy being a fuckhead and fucking stupid! I hate these fucks so much!
1/28/2013Haters gonna hate man, just keep doing your thing
1/28/2013Enjoy your treasure! Littlemiracles
1/27/2013Someone needs to be nice to you. Behçet's
1/27/2013You are a harm to the reputation of this site.
1/27/2013Keep fighting for the truth,don't let them get you
1/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2013Good find on the tweeted pic. check it in a few days, bet the date time stamp changes.
1/26/2013Good info
1/26/2013Thanks for your support!
1/26/2013Please go away. you are a terrible embarassment.
1/25/2013Shut the fuck up, pedo
1/25/2013Those fucking demoncrats. Go fuck yourself NAM
1/25/2013I may just sign the petition if it will shut you the fuck up!
1/25/2013Extremely delusional a possibly a paranoid scizophrenic. Should be heavily medicated and not on the internet.
1/25/2013You are total discredit to anyone serious about trying to find the truth.
1/24/2013WTF is wrong with you?
1/24/2013Pedo time karma
1/24/2013Your arrogance detracts completely from any good points you may have. youre a cock!
1/24/2013When someone proves you wrong, yo insult them, without trying to back yourself up. If you can't provide facts to your ridiculous claims, especially when someone proves you wrong, insulting that p
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