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7/27/2013U son of a whore
7/27/2013Call him what he is....black supremicist
7/15/2013Hugs! - Comedian
7/10/2013It was a little crazy - Chrit
7/9/2013Thank you for your kindness; now I see how the good karma works on this foram, good day.
7/3/2013I agree
6/29/2013Always about the money
6/9/2013So true. and well stated
6/9/2013For understanding the rock....sugarman09!!!​!
6/8/2013Thanks man. I agree.
6/5/2013For Your Input On The Moore, OK. Looters Will Be Shot! Thank you, Zuzu
6/2/2013Boo. you should play!
5/31/2013You're so dumb, you only wear a hat to remind you which end to wipe after you take a shit...
5/29/2013Fuck Harry Reid and McCain. RayGun
5/16/2013For posting in randomness
5/14/2013Mmmm.... schadenfreude. ~ LunaticFringe
5/9/2013Sweet AND funny! Meow...
5/9/2013'Can't live in the past' Good. :) Sloane
5/4/2013Card carrying communist.
5/4/2013You got it!
5/1/2013Be blessed :) - Nemamiah
4/27/2013To page 333
4/25/2013I understand , GT500
4/21/2013Locals are eye witnesses. Idiot.
4/20/2013Idiot, can't even accept evidence
4/18/2013Missle tard
4/18/2013"Move to Saudi Arabia.And take 'dear leader' with you!" Love it, RayGun
4/14/2013Sunday karma! - Comedian
4/11/2013Thank you!
4/7/2013Dr. Acula was here!
3/13/2013Thanks. Strongman
3/11/2013Even if i thought what you posted, i wouldn't type it
2/4/2013Keep the faith! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/31/2013Beautiful avatar and nice posts
1/30/2013For agreeing with me about judge toll. let freedom ring
1/16/2013Thank you for praying for me when I needed it most. IamSawyer (Chris)
1/9/2013Pier 11 333 onboard
12/21/2012Thanks for you!
12/20/2012Great find on Carver!
12/17/2012Merry Christmas! - Nemamiah
12/14/2012Puke on you
12/12/2012Welcome to my thread! -Who.
12/12/2012What a douche
12/10/2012Drugs are part of the problem
12/9/2012Racist says what?
12/7/2012Obama is scaring me. ---- Renegade
12/2/2012For laughing at the phoenix..
11/12/2012Greetings :) ~ Artaius
11/12/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/9/2012Good post on the white guys thread. --- davvi
11/2/2012For realizing what Biden's remark to the father meant.
11/1/2012Shit for brains
10/6/2012Thank you - Prophet.
10/1/2012Thanks for your input on the welfare thread dude
9/28/2012Utterly stupid.
9/21/2012Smart post re: Alabama's House and Senate. Goat Hill is the same as Capitol Hill. Disgusting. ~ Herman the Kid
8/6/2012Thank you for your help - momma coop
7/31/2012Hello :) From Earth420
7/30/2012My five year old son as been nagging at me to give you a "thumbs up" because he really likes your avatar....this is the second time he has asked me to do this since yesterday, so - here goe
7/17/2012For arguing with idiots. It keeps me from doing it.
7/9/2012Love your avatar - keep smiling
6/24/2012Weekly Karma bump -Nemamiah
5/30/2012Blah, blah, blah.
5/29/2012Back at ya kiddo
5/29/2012Thanks for participating! ~BooBooKitty
5/28/2012Want to
5/2/2012For post #30938056
4/30/2012Sad excuse for a human being.
4/19/2012Thanks for the post.. Flowerschick!
4/18/2012Earth420 :)
4/11/2012Here is some good karma for you AtheistRepublican
3/23/2012Green, dragunov_1977
3/21/2012God Bless you! Keep being you despite the hate you receive sometimes
3/21/2012We have a bigger defense budget than the rest of the world combined. You're fucking stupid.
3/15/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
3/13/2012Like your avator....Dr. know..
3/9/2012Very misguided -1
3/1/2012From xerces
1/17/2012Ron paul 2012
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