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Patrick Bateman's Karma

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10/6/2013FEED ME A CAT xD - Too Dark Park
10/6/2013Traded in your toga for a burka eh, Ginger Spice!?
10/6/2013Its that time again. Hammer time. Oh wait. I mean karma time. Hope your weekend is going well. <3 Doomish
10/3/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/2/2013Stoned Goddess ;)
10/1/2013Keep Smiling asshole. We know what you have been up to. There is sperm on your chin
10/1/2013Thanks Patrick, Hope all is well bud - ANHEDONIC
10/1/2013Thanks buddy.. LP
9/30/2013Green Hello from Lady Jane Smith :o)
9/30/2013Hey Patrick! Hope life is bringing you much love. Sloane
9/29/2013Just for being cool.
9/29/2013Hey PB!! Marax
9/29/2013Carlin fan!
9/29/2013You still suck
9/29/2013Keep smiling dude, it makes them wonder what you've been up to. ;-`) -w_nb
9/28/2013Thanks - JustDarby
9/27/2013Woot! Its Friday! Have a super fanstastic amazing weekend! <3 Doomish
9/25/2013For the FEMA thread ! From Tiger1.
9/25/2013Your photos make me laugh - bloody fingers, baby snap and tats? what an assortment! JinxyMcD
9/25/2013Muzzie sodomite. Go drink down some of your mullah's semen.
9/21/2013Friday Night Karma! FooledMEOnce
9/21/2013Buddy List Karma :) - Too Dark Park
9/19/2013Good yeah!! LP
9/19/2013Where's you're Burka? At the Cleaners?
9/18/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
9/16/2013Hey PB. Sorry I've been gone so long. Needed a GLP break for a little while. Thanks for leaving me Karma every now and then. Doomish
9/12/2013Thanks! Jedi
9/11/2013For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
9/10/2013Why don't you leave GLP if you hate it so much, oh and get some clothes you come off as a sodomite
9/6/2013DRINK! ~ Beetlejuice :)
9/4/2013Love ya darlin....cowgirlk
9/4/2013Your new picture is way better then the one with the dude giving your head!!! :) LP
9/2/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
8/30/2013For the best weekend :) Sloane
8/29/2013Good kharma. I hope all is good. -w_nb
8/29/2013You've been Jinxed! Thanks for being a great sport! : JinxyMcD
8/29/2013All is well. Hope you are doing good yourself :) - Too Dark Park
8/28/2013Filthy muzzie trash. Stop guzzling so much semen
8/27/2013Buddy Karma! FooledMeOnce
8/27/2013Good to see you again, man! - Psych
8/25/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
8/20/2013PA is the shit :) salt
8/20/2013PB is the man! -Acula
8/20/2013Nice to meet you, and thank you for the kind compliment! modest1028 ;)
8/19/2013Hi! u will like Texas. we are very diff frm the north :-) -justtrustme
8/19/2013For being awesome!! CigarTigher
8/19/2013Karma from ANHEDONIC
8/18/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
8/18/2013Well thank you soooo much, cutie :) ---KarinZa
8/17/2013Thank you LL
8/17/2013For old stomping grounds. Have the best weekend PB! Sloane xo
8/16/2013For getting rid of the fag bait av...
8/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2013For being a queer!
8/15/2013Xoxoxo -nowheather
8/15/2013You're a good dude, Patrick! - MO
8/15/2013It's always well. :)
8/15/2013You are one of the good ones! MX
8/15/2013Thanks for the Kudos! -=Travis Bickle=-
8/14/2013PB! xD - Too Dark Park
8/13/2013Green Smile Backatcha from Lady Jane Smith :o)
8/13/2013Toga man... ;) cp
8/12/2013Some green for you
8/12/2013You think you're the only one with a body?
8/12/2013Enjoyed philosophy thread ag:)
8/12/2013For the lo eof God, PLEASE PLEASE change your avatar pic. We've been aski ng you tdo that for a long time....
8/12/2013Why don't you leave GLP if you hate it so much, oh and get some clothes you come off as a sodomite
8/11/2013Good fight
8/11/2013Hi Patrick! Thanks for liking my comments in the "Dressing Boys In Capris" thread. Enjoy your day. from Eggcellent
8/11/2013For trying to overcome your obvious intellectual disabilities - Comedian
8/11/2013I truly believe you gave me red karma. Stupid.
8/9/2013Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
8/9/2013Buddy Karma...cowgirl
8/8/2013Back at ya! Hope all is well -nowheather
8/6/2013Hope all is good in your world. -w_nb
8/6/2013Brewmaster! --AkashicRecord
8/4/2013Hey PB! going back to our old stompin grounds in a few weeks :) Lotsa love your way, Sloane
7/31/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/27/2013Forgive my absense. I had to return some video tapes. ;) - Too Dark Park
7/23/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
7/19/2013The Dude Abides....
7/16/2013Your post
7/15/2013Have a great week!! Doomalicious
7/15/20131 for Bell
7/15/2013Your the man!!! LP
7/14/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
7/12/2013PB you ALWAYS make me smile :) Sloane
7/10/2013For talking shit about GLP on LOP, Fuck You skinny boy!!
7/8/2013'Spaghetti Monster' reply in Mos Def thread - ANHEDONIC
7/8/2013Hey patrick green to ya for your comment on the dumb ass muzzy Mos Def....saved
7/6/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
7/2/2013You might want to hit the gym if you want to post a shirtless avatar...just saying
6/24/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
6/21/2013Hey ya! Happy summer to you, sir! MP
6/20/2013Have a nice weekend, Patrick! Bluebird
6/20/2013Heading back to our old stomping grounds soon :) Wishing you well PB! Sloane
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