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Patrick Bateman's Karma

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2/15/2013Karma hugs from Sterling, haha! Sloane
2/13/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
2/13/2013All is well =)
2/11/2013Hey. Desert Fox
2/7/2013Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
2/7/2013More green - iron
2/7/2013Leave the US if you think its evil and btw you look like a faggot in your picture.
2/7/2013Good kharma for my pal from PA. We gotta make this GLP Canoe trip a go. Check your thread about 100 pages back or so. LoL. -w_nb
2/6/2013Fag picture with fag sucking each others cocks, how often do you roid rage each other faggoid?...
2/6/2013Awww hey thanks man.
2/5/2013Good to see you too!!! <3
2/5/2013Right back at ya yankee - wzn :P
2/5/2013From Xercesâ¦enjoy the apps
2/4/2013Do your HW!!lol..karma love..pinkpixiexx
2/3/2013Peace from axo az
1/31/2013Rectal Ranger
1/31/2013You kick ass, literally MMA style! FREEEDOM!!! 2342
1/30/2013Trying to bump up a boring thread! :))
1/27/2013Have a great week! Doomalicious
1/26/2013I am very sorry they found that old mans dentures on your couch.
1/23/2013Muzzie loving fag, You wearing a hijab/burqa to cover your face now
1/21/2013What a hottie gay for glp wow what! what! what a cool young lovely gay glp guy! what! what! for the gayz
1/19/2013Happy Saturday! Doomalicious
1/19/2013Finaly changed out your toga. I still think youre gay
1/18/2013Happy Friday ! From Tiger1.
1/18/2013Ty PB..karma hugs and kisses..ppixiexx
1/18/2013Green for Math: Forgotten
1/18/2013Enjoy your new mbp, hope all is well, have a great weekend! - insertfunnyusername :)
1/17/2013Mardi gras king
1/15/2013Eat your own dick faggot.
1/15/2013Because you didnt deserve bad Karma at all! Cantlive4ever
1/15/2013Monopolizing thread and repeating yourself, showing contempt for others
1/15/2013Your the future bro! Lets make it a good one.... 2342
1/15/2013I like your style - Baroness
1/14/2013Lil lollypop gay boy for glp u r so cute and gay and a much lovely little glp gay dating thread. Patrick bateman i have a crush on you
1/13/2013Don't worry Brief has tiny pecker it won't hurt you.
1/12/2013Positivity to the sweetest guy around :) ~aiyanna
1/12/2013All is decent. But I'm needing to ban myself from YouTube tonight lol Tara
1/11/2013Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
1/11/2013Your right that isnt a toga. It's a burka, you muzzie lovin goat fucker filthy ass flappin bastard
1/10/2013Happy New Year! - RoXY
1/10/2013Makin a good thread~sonic doom:)
1/8/2013Gay tard
1/8/2013You are a giant turd
1/7/2013Have a great week! Alpacalips
1/7/2013You kidding? I love my haters!!!! ~Chip
1/7/2013Bro! Stay borg free... Shwiing 2342
1/7/2013Fag picture with fag sucking each others cocks, how often do you roid rage each other faggoid?...
1/6/2013Hey sexy
1/5/2013U r my faveouright gay on glp an i luv your new glp dating thread it is so gay and funny u shud score a good gay on their
1/5/2013The dating thread <3 LaniJane
1/5/2013Karma for Karma Ameridan
1/5/2013For Bravery! tara
1/5/2013Thx!!! I hope you find the same !!! Vhoney
1/5/2013Karma for a cutie! :) ~PENG
1/5/2013Green back cutey patootie! geminilion
1/5/2013Hope you had a good Christmas and new year! andawg221
1/4/2013For a new year with the best yet to come. Sloane
1/2/2013Happy Hump Day! Doomalicious
12/29/2012What's going on dude? Take care! Martianprincess
12/28/2012Love your avatar/mask ~ Tigershield
12/27/2012Muzzie loving fag, You wearing a hijab/burqa to cover your face now
12/26/2012Hope you're enjoying the holidays:) Doomalicious
12/25/2012Merry Christmas and much love, Bea :)
12/25/2012Stay borg free for the Holidays! Happy New Year! 2342
12/25/2012Happy holidays and merry Christmas buddy, all the best! - insertfunnyusername :)
12/25/2012Merry Christmas Patrick....cowgirlK
12/24/2012Merry Christmas to you PB. Best wishes from Wisconsin for a HAPPY 2013 for you and yours'. ;-`)
12/22/2012Such an asshole
12/20/2012Happy Birthday buddy!! Have a great one! :-) - Debauchery
12/20/2012Birthday and holiday green for you :) Sloane
12/20/2012Happy bday! How have you been? :) Martianprincess
12/20/2012Happy bday! -- Munsoned
12/20/2012Happy Birthday !! - Alpacalips (aka The Nutcracker in chat)
12/19/2012New avi. same gay.
12/18/2012Massive HOMO who probably starred in "Farm boys gone wild"
12/17/2012Some Green for a great guy! *Ocean
12/16/2012Hope you had a great weekend! Doomalicious
12/16/2012LOL I have that mask, wear it on the Harley when it is cold. â Chrit
12/14/2012Go suck some end times dick. You poofer queer
12/12/2012Cool avatar! from Carol B.
12/12/2012Cool AV (ninja) and be honest with yourself you ARE a ginger and Softly is wearing the freckle of your soul.
12/11/2012Thanks for the karma...much love to you too...cowgirlk
12/10/2012PB and J in the House! FREEEDOM!!!
12/8/2012I hope you're having a great weekend! Doomalicious
12/7/2012Much love, Bea:)
12/5/2012Massive HOMO who probably starred in "Farm boys gone wild"
12/2/2012Gay toga
11/29/2012Much love, Bea :)
11/29/2012Hey PB, Hope all is good in your world. ;-`)
11/28/2012Hey pb! what's up bro? andawg221
11/27/2012Hi PB!! Lady Jane Smith
11/26/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
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