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Patrick Bateman's Karma

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11/26/2012Thanks PB. --- davvi
11/23/2012Happy Thanksgiving...cowgir​lk
11/22/2012Ghey fag!
11/22/2012Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-) - Debauchery
11/22/2012Happy Thanksgiving PB - hope it is wonderful. Sloane
11/20/2012Hope you doing great PB, all the best to you! - Insertfunnyusername :)
11/18/2012Because you deserve one - RoXY
11/17/2012Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
11/12/2012Thnx buddy, wish you a very creative week! - Insertfunnyusername :)
11/12/2012Toga Guy! 2342
11/10/2012Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
11/9/2012Friday I have monday on my mind... RoXY
11/7/2012Much love :) Bea Nameless
11/7/2012For being so badass! Marax
11/6/2012Vote for the sake of America :) Jilly23
11/5/2012Insertfunnyusername! :)
11/3/2012Hello from Lady Jane Smith
11/3/2012Long time, no see bro...Brief :)
11/2/2012Haven't seen you in a while ~ A Friend
10/31/2012Hi, mate! - RoXY
10/30/2012Bateman: Fluties. 9 o
10/29/2012Hey PB! Marax
10/29/2012Good kharma for the woman on her knees in front of PB! -w_nb
10/29/2012Hope you doing great Patrick, all the best! - insertfunnyusername :)
10/26/2012Stay safe and think bout your bud in Lancaster :) Doomalicious
10/26/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/26/2012Nice conspiracy dick face!
10/26/2012Wtf is this shit, freak..
10/26/2012Welcome back, fagbait.
10/24/2012Freeedom!!! 2342
10/24/2012For loving pussy licking
10/23/2012Cutie patootie but also good heart. Sloane
10/22/2012Filthy sodomite goat fucker! You know nothing of going down on women. You love the cock! You worship the cock!
10/22/2012Have a great week! :) - insertfunnyusername
10/21/2012Friday I got monday on my mind - "What is a workaholic!?" - RoXY
10/19/2012Your right that isnt a toga. It's a burka, you muzzie lovin goat fucker filthy ass flappin bastard
10/19/2012Karma greetings from Lady Jane Smith
10/16/2012Hey Bateman, nice tan. ;) - Too Dark Park
10/15/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
10/14/2012Hope all is well there, take care :) - insertfunnyusername
10/14/2012Have a great week(end) B-Man - RoXY
10/13/2012Massive HOMO who probably starred in "Farm boys gone wild"
10/9/2012Your right that isnt a toga. It's a burka, you muzzie lovin goat fucker. Filthy rectal and oral muzzie concubine
10/8/2012Karma greetings from Lady Jane Smith
10/7/2012Take care, all the best my friend! :) - insertfunnyusername!
10/7/2012I'm sorry your boyfriend dumped you. If you like I send you bottle of oxycontin and Jim Beam
10/7/2012WZn karma payback day! :)
10/5/2012Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
10/5/2012Have a great weekend - RoXY
10/4/2012Wandering goat comment...
10/4/2012Let's see Paul Allen's card. Jilly23
10/3/2012Hey Patrick! We're never on the same threads, what the heck? haha. Sloane
10/3/2012Hey, hey PB! How's life? - Debauchery
10/3/2012You know I love you-DramaQueen
10/3/2012Good liftin advice brah -iron
9/29/2012For the trappers!! pool
9/29/2012Best wishes from Greece! :) - insertfunnyusername
9/28/2012No Worries. There will be plenty of penis for you to eat during the famine.
9/27/2012Sup PB! Doomalicious
9/27/2012Go suck some end times dick. You poofer queer
9/27/2012Your right that isnt a toga. It's a burka, you muzzie lovin goat fucker. Filthy rectal and oral muzzie concubine
9/27/2012Friday on your mind?! ;) - RoXY
9/27/2012Just bea-cause, Bea Nameless :)
9/23/2012WZn karma payback!
9/22/2012Good boy despite being a ginger
9/22/2012Hey PB! Marax
9/20/2012Your right that isnt a toga. It's a burka, you muzzie lovin goat licker.
9/20/2012You look like a fag
9/20/2012Agreed. Kids don't need to be exposed to porn, but the brightside is Disney jokes!
9/20/2012Clear minded and articulate :) Sloane
9/19/2012Go suck some end times dick. You poofer queer
9/19/2012Happy Hump Day! Doomalicious
9/18/2012Just bea-cause :) Bea Nameless
9/18/2012Faggot cumbucket. Shut your gay mouth! Stay out of threads about straight porn. Filthy queer bastard.
9/18/2012Not to be trusted
9/18/2012You are one of the good ones. Stay handsome. -fleshette
9/17/2012I've been looking for you all week. PB. D'Light
9/17/2012Brief :)
9/15/2012Have a great weekend!! :) - Debauchery
9/13/2012Hope you doing great! :) - insertfunnyusername!
9/12/2012You nasty poo pecker
9/12/2012Thanks. I'm just against inequality. MARsSPEED
9/12/2012Dipshit pussy
9/11/2012Hells yea! -woden
9/11/2012Rectal Ranger
9/11/2012Hello from Lady Jane :o)
9/10/2012Just Bea-cause :) Bea Nameless
9/10/2012Hey PB! Marax
9/10/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
9/10/2012P to the B! How are you man? - Psych
9/9/2012Have a great week, Bate! - RoXY
9/9/2012Hugs....Nauti Girl
9/7/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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