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Patrick Bateman's Karma

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9/7/2012Awesome dmt post
9/7/2012Gay Fucker Fuck
9/6/2012Do you do DMT before you get a dick shoved in your ass and mouth? Filthy fag. You will burn the eternal fires of hell for your sodomy!
9/6/2012WZn karma payback day! :)
9/4/2012Good kharma for you PB, Hope all is Good. Was down in S. Ohio again last w/e for another festival. Maybe you'll catch one next Summer. -w_nb
9/4/2012I think your 'niceness' intimidates some people - you were raised right ;) Sloane
9/4/2012Go suck some end times dick. You poofer queer
9/3/2012Hey Patrick.... - ANHEDONIC
9/2/2012Just bea-cause :)
8/31/2012Dont't be sad. you will find another transexual who likes roid bois with raisen balls. be patient.
8/31/2012Have a safe and awesome weekend! Doomalicious
8/31/2012Yo! Bateman... 'SAFE HOUSE' & 'CONTRABAND', have you seen 'm already?
8/30/2012Nice comment
8/30/2012Shut the hell up you faggot. Queers like you know nothing of women. Faggot shill
8/30/2012I just do not like you or your awful avatar
8/30/2012That it is! Have a good one :) Jilly23
8/30/2012Bite me wanker
8/30/2012Patrick Bateman LOL great movie! --ClappaGuy
8/30/2012Long time no see! Martian
8/28/2012Hello from Lady Jane Smith
8/27/2012What's goin on man! -Woden
8/24/2012Filthy gay cum bucket
8/23/2012Filthy queer! Burn in hell! You are gay for pay!
8/22/2012Just bea-cause :)
8/22/2012Oh Patrick ....Thou art a gay boy....Oh yes....it shows
8/21/2012Enjoy your week! Doomalicious
8/18/2012What have you been up to bro? Toga? 2342
8/17/2012It was great! Thanks :) Jilly23
8/13/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
8/13/2012SAFE HOUSE & CONTRABAND, Bateman - Fast, smart, nerve wrecking action - RoXY
8/13/2012Have a great week! - insertfunnyusername
8/13/2012Karma for you! - Too Dark Park
8/11/2012To a chivalrous man - Dease
8/11/2012Damn pedophile
8/10/2012Hey Toga! ~ Lady Jane Smith
8/7/2012For sharing your camping/hiking trip. So awesome!
8/6/2012Freeedom!!! 2342
8/2/2012Am happy to hear you got your gay togamasters licence you were working for. And good luck in the special olympics.
7/27/2012Happy weekend! Jilly23
7/26/2012Gay toga
7/26/2012Glad you come to the recipe thread :) Flavapor
7/23/2012For knowing -Chrit
7/23/2012How about the thread A/C posted about you? ClandestineTImelord
7/21/2012Enjoy your camping trip and watch out for bears! 8)
7/19/2012I know corn prices are on the rise, but i will let you eat the corn out of my shit! Deal?
7/19/2012Keep your gay ways to yourself,what a gay picture
7/19/2012No I won't go camping with you at Pickle Park. Ask Breif he might.
7/19/2012Love your 'Hello sun, water, bird, cloud, human'. Positive energy :) ~ Truly
7/19/2012I just do NOt care much for you. You are what's wrong with society.
7/18/2012Duct tape. I need it for... taping something. - STT
7/18/2012How are you man? - Psych
7/18/2012Thanks Patrick : Artlicious
7/18/2012Debauchery karma :)
7/18/2012Giving green light to whats wrong with society, also watches too much girl on girl porn
7/18/2012Yo! Pat! Check this: free-tv-video-online.​me/ - RoXY
7/17/2012Good kharma for you PB, Hope all is Good. You should pop down to All Good Music Fest this weekend. ;-`)
7/15/2012I'm trying to get through them, I swear! :) ~ Sandi
7/14/2012Nice to see you again! Marax
7/13/2012Am happy to hear you got your gay togamasters licence you were working for. And good luck in the special olympics.
7/13/2012Best wishes from Greece my friend! - insertfunnyusername
7/11/2012For your police brutality thread. From Tiger1.
7/11/2012For the police brutality vid-oh_yikes
7/11/2012"meh same old story" well take this you loon!!!
7/11/2012For your poor taste in avatar pictures Your Mom would be proud, huh?
7/11/2012Thanks for the welcome! AG
7/11/2012Happy 5 years!! ~ Lady Jane Smith
7/9/2012Still a faggot i see
7/5/2012Am happy to hear you got your gay togamasters licence you were working for. And good luck in the special olympics.
7/5/2012Sports thread--Bluebird
7/3/2012Freeedom!!! 2342
7/3/2012For being awesome, funny, and sexy ;) -Jessica Hell
7/1/2012For being Sweet. Hyp_Sweet..
6/30/2012Fucking aussie bashing faggot - you look like a poof boy
6/30/2012Hey PB. Long time no chat. Been away and missing GLP and VC. Maybe we'll cross paths again soon when I get back to GLP more often. :hf: <3 Doomish
6/30/2012Thank you friend! :D - Debauchery
6/29/2012I should so make an avatar of my nose doing that! lol
6/28/2012B cap
6/28/2012Brief :)
6/27/2012Good police burtality thread - jw
6/27/2012Thank you PB! - ANHEDONIC
6/27/2012Amazing police video - 5 stars - Cat Mouth
6/27/2012Good Thread - Psych
6/27/2012Great info. AtheistRepublican
6/27/2012Cool thread, Pat - RoXY
6/27/2012Exellent post and debating vs trolls
6/27/2012My god your a douche
6/27/2012Stop you homo!
6/27/2012The police are not our friends. From Tiger1.
6/27/2012People need to know about this type of thing
6/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2012Whaddup Bate! - STT
6/27/2012For police brutality thread. Keep us posted on updates....indiandave​
6/27/2012Great thread
6/25/2012For saying religitard. I used to like you. :(
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