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Patrick Bateman's Karma

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6/18/2012Have a good day!-Is it possible
6/18/2012Hell-bound Queer
6/17/2012Bball karma-JIK
6/17/2012Hey Bro!!!! Marax!!!!
6/17/2012Hugs! ~ BooBooKitty
6/15/2012I dont know you, but I'm giving you red karma because someone called you a liberal. I hate liberals! fucking obama lover
6/15/2012Yeah this is Guan-yin's husband. She already told you to lay off and now im telling you to. We come here to research health issues and you are ruining it for us!
6/14/2012You pathetic vagina. someday soon you'll blow 100 guys just to get some woodchuck meat
6/14/2012Idk wutz gayer, your toga or your bangs
6/14/2012Bo know! go thunder! sonic doom
6/14/2012Karma from ANHEDONIC
6/13/2012Dang that's a big racoon! Artlicious
6/13/2012Fellow football fan: Tanarus
6/13/2012Hi there Sagittarius! :) Martian
6/12/2012NBA insides - RoXY
6/7/2012The bigger you get, the harder it is to keep away the moobs come 45. LoL. Good kharma for you PB. ;-`)
6/7/2012Debauchery karma ;)
6/7/2012I already told you im happily married and not interested! go away to a dating site you creepy pervert!
6/5/2012Super stupid blow job avatar pic. gross, lame and self serving stupidity.
6/4/2012Giving green :) - Too Dark Park
5/31/2012We thought you moved...
5/30/2012Swears and curses at anyone who disagrees with him
5/30/2012Back at you! ~ A Friend
5/30/2012Correct sir
5/28/2012Stick with Obama he likes the gays. you go far.
5/28/2012Hey PB!!!! Lady Jane Smith
5/28/2012"I use my head" right after you posted all your links right?
5/26/2012For not being a dick...SnakeAirlines
5/26/2012Did not know they had baseball caps in Ancient Rome, interesting - lOl - Psych
5/25/2012Back at ya! :) Debauchery
5/25/2012Right back at ya! - ANHEDONIC
5/25/2012I Dont Like Fags
5/23/2012Lost 18 grand on your investment advice, folks...this guy is a COMPLETE Menace!
5/23/2012Toga! 2342
5/22/2012Didnt like this comment
5/21/2012Pb! - Stt
5/21/2012Good kharma for still having that girl in your avatar that nobody sees! LoL -w_nb
5/20/2012Hey PB. I love seeing you around so much! You always crack me up. I enjoy seeing you in VC and I look forward to seeing you there more often. <3 Doomish
5/17/2012Thnx for your kind words and support. Best wishes. - insertfunnyusername
5/17/2012Racist ass hole: Fucking Liberals SUCK!
5/17/2012Opie Tayler looking fag... Thinks he is a wise guy... But he just a punk
5/16/2012Hugs from Quasar!!!
5/16/2012TERRIBLE investment advice. id rather drink turpentine and piss on a brushfire. avoid this guy like the plague folks.
5/16/2012Dont worry u have plenty of peters tolick after the collapse
5/16/2012Thanks TX
5/16/2012Welcome back, douchevatar.
5/16/2012The Tarot card says....you're sexy!
5/15/2012Lulz anytime anytime it was goood fun that is for sure! - VHoney
5/15/2012Thanks for coming to the vc shows.
5/14/2012Kinect :-)
5/14/2012ReturnoftheOyster....​aka MrOysterhead
5/10/2012Chicken dick!
5/9/2012Embraces the worst parts of the "left" and "right", while retaining no redeemable qualitys of either
5/9/2012Happy Day! Earth420 :)
5/8/2012Cheers to Bateman! Joeboxer good choice
5/4/2012Little twerp
5/4/2012Have a great evening! Jilly23
5/3/2012Cool Guy! 2342
5/3/2012Thanks for having my back
5/3/2012Gay toga
5/3/2012Nice addition to vc-hub
5/2/2012No You Are The Jackass
5/2/2012Yea...sad day it is. he was a good player.
5/2/2012Thanks for the song...CowgirlK
5/1/2012Badger + Badger = Mushrooms ?! 3Degree
5/1/2012From TheTruthWorker
5/1/2012I only play a dick head on glp. see how that works? :) 1-2-Follow
5/1/2012Thanks. Hope your finals went well! - Dease
4/30/2012A little green from Faith
4/30/2012I'm baaaack! Marax
4/30/2012Filthy language, is it that hard to express your idiotic point of view without swearing?
4/30/2012Kinect :-)
4/30/2012Nice link!
4/29/2012Tell us how the colloidal silver goes, - Chrit
4/29/2012You're welcome, I hope you feel better soon! ;-`)
4/29/2012I hope you are feeling better soon ! From Tiger1.
4/29/2012Good post , 12.21.12
4/29/2012From Drockton Resistance Army
4/25/2012Hi PB!!!! Lady Jane Smith
4/25/2012You come across as a nice person, PB. A rarity around here... LaniJane
4/25/2012Thanks! 2342
4/24/2012Earth420 :)
4/24/2012The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. -Lyttlmiss
4/24/2012Hope you're having a great day! Laura Bow
4/24/2012A little green from the hang out. - HI.Lander
4/24/2012Fun Fact for the Day: Stannous fluoride, the supposed "cavity fighter" found in toothpaste is made from recycled tin. -- Happy Tuesday! <3 Doomish
4/23/2012Dont argue with racist. Amy A
4/23/2012To help cancel out the racists.
4/23/2012Buddy karma :) jilly23
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