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Ethericplane's Karma

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5/11/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/4/2011For the sound therapy :)
10/4/2011Great to bring this to people's attention
10/2/2011For Ramtha reference. Sergman
10/2/2011I predict by October 2, 2011, at 9:52 Eastern time, youll get one bad karma point
10/2/2011Fuck you ... from a banker
10/2/2011For picking and chosing which Bible verses you chose to accept.
10/2/2011Spot on. ~Anti~
10/2/2011Jesus loves you, always has, and always will. He has prepared universes for you to explore. Time is short.
10/2/2011For a little ac/dc action
10/2/2011Hell with these haters I think you are the first to get this right. great post! -kettlnaut
10/2/2011Self apotheosis fail
10/1/2011Useless to GLP. Off yourself please.
10/1/2011For your great thread about Jesus truth.
9/30/2011Too Cool
9/30/2011Good Idea
9/30/2011Funny phone call.
9/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/29/2011For your comment on my hate post (atomic811)
9/27/2011I like your thoughts! Cheers! From: TrippStick
9/27/2011Calling out shills
9/26/2011Great thread!-Cerrianna
9/25/2011You read one of my posts
9/25/2011NASA isn't the one lying
9/25/2011For a beautiful dream analolgy <3
9/21/2011Good thread about the elites knowing about Elenin!---Jtreal3
9/21/2011Just because
9/21/2011For speaking the truth
9/19/2011Karma for your lovely avatar pic - chocolategoddess
9/19/2011From a Bastard, BOO !
9/19/20111 Nice post about Alex Collier and his predictions from SEVAK_MUNI
9/19/2011This is for getting the real picture.
9/19/2011Oh crap I thought this was the thumbs down button (Bugsy Moran)
9/16/2011Good post.
9/16/2011Shut up SHILL
9/16/2011Complete Moron
9/15/2011Foor the void comment xsil
9/13/2011Horrible avatar
9/13/2011Tranny and Beyonce dancing. Stupid avatar Indeed
9/13/2011Stupid gif avatar
9/12/2011There you are !. Your Village has been missing you.
9/12/2011Got a good ball rolling- Thanks!
9/12/2011Thanks for the warning!!!

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