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Paddy's Karma

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2/21/2019You too. You fucking know why.
4/4/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/24/2016Karmatard retroactive from 5 years ago
9/13/2014Love your math help! :)
6/29/2014You need some karma, from , DREAM MAKER :)
3/22/2014Yes, Zdrastvuye is a big word that should be baned - DP
10/11/2013Stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.stupid. stupid.
8/14/2013Work on your reading comprehension abilities, you seem to be lacking
8/12/2013Nice kitteh ag
8/12/2013You're funny
8/12/2013For unbiased off topic posting. :D calx
8/12/2013Good thread -brado32003
11/25/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/2/2012He hurt me
6/28/2012You are a fucking idiot, and your cat picture sucks.
3/12/2012For kissing Phenn's ass like a pathetic little scared shit.
1/16/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/2/2012STFU with your jewish hatred
12/29/2011Re: Uncle Mikey's Research - Previews..IRQ_1
12/25/2011No smart.
12/3/2011May God Protect Israel in the Name of Jesus Christ. Fiery Sky
12/3/2011More Israeli Propaganda. Bloodthirsty inhumane Zionist
12/3/2011Racist Zionist Shill
12/3/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/2/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/20/2011Back at ya, Paddy, -Rev
10/8/2011LOL ....Eat cesium -137 ....ROFLMAO !
9/17/2011Racist puke
9/9/2011Good karma for you!!!
9/2/2011Um, you really are retarded...money is just a thing and doesn't represent work ,value or energy invested?
8/31/2011For being a soul-sista (or brotha)
8/22/2011Hi Paddy! Good to see you! 451

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