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Chas's Karma

Total: 602 (593  User Votes + 9  Thread Reports) and 12

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5/19/2012Thanks Chas. Great video.
5/19/2012For your Elephant Whisperer Vid ~KirtSpiracy~
5/19/2012For the wonderful elephant vid!! - fromtruthwillsetyoufr​eeagain
5/13/2012Thnx for the RP thread pin ~ F2Y2F
5/12/2012Thank you <3 Tara :)
5/12/2012Love energy can change the world. Much love! 11.11.11
5/9/2012SS was here
5/8/2012Good job! Earth420 :)
5/4/20121 from Sevak_Muni for Crop Circle thread comment
5/3/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here.
5/1/2012We love ya! from :)
4/28/2012Buddy list karma - Elena.C
4/27/2012Through courage we repel adversity ~ Karma hugs =^..^= Girl Genius
4/26/2012What Doomalicious said!!! Joeboxer
4/24/2012Karma love from a friend :)
4/20/2012Thanks Chas I love the dogs tongue too :) <3 Just miffed
4/20/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/20/2012Fun Fact of the Day: In Florida, it is illegal to sing in a public place while wearing a swimsuit. -- Happy Thursday! <3 Doomish
4/20/2012Thanks from Deas
4/19/2012It is a nice day to hang out. Good kharma for you Chas. -w_nb
4/19/2012Earth420 :)
4/19/2012Rock on Chas! Hope you're doing well. Joeboxer
4/18/2012Good karma for you friend! From: Kinect :-)
4/18/2012Reported Copyright Violation
4/17/2012More good smelling green Karma - Mil Man
4/17/2012The Green Hug of today by Elena.C
4/16/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/16/2012Green Karma love from :)
4/16/2012Karma time! :)- ~Christine~
4/15/2012Its a green sunday :) Gdchappy
4/15/2012From Apollo. Green Colossus Room
4/15/2012Same bro lmao -CultivatingMass
4/15/2012Green time...my2centsworth
4/15/2012Green for you TheTruthWorker
4/8/2012Happy Easter karma! From: Kinect :-)
4/8/2012Happy Easter! D'Light
4/8/2012Karma back at ya - Mil Man
4/8/2012From john goz
4/8/2012Happy Easter ))BAPHOMET((
4/8/2012John445 green room :)
4/8/2012Karen Seeking Truth says thanks ;)
4/8/2012Happy bunny day from curiositycat1
4/8/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/8/2012Easter bunny green from shamanik
4/7/2012Thank ya 4 green- Hey LOOK
4/6/2012Colossus easter greens from xen <3
4/6/2012Hugs from Spazz
4/6/2012Green from DoGMoRal :)
4/5/2012Green love frojm Grippya :)
4/4/2012There is a fine line between genius and madness. I have erased that line ~ Karma hugs =^..^= Girl Genius
4/3/2012Desert Fox
4/3/2012Colossus green hugs for you from pinkpixiexx
4/2/2012Reciprocated - Sir Phy
3/31/2012Love bullets from <Path>.
3/31/2012GREEN for you, Strangela
3/31/20121 from Downtown
3/30/2012More green to you from MURK9
3/30/2012Hiyas Chas! Here's a little TGIF green back at ya. ~Joeboxer
3/30/2012Bounties of green ))BAPHOMET((
3/28/2012Here's some green! D'Light
3/28/2012Green Karma love from :)
3/27/2012Thank you friend. Kinect :-)
3/26/2012Hi Chas, green loves from xen!
3/26/2012Desert Fox, green colossus
3/26/2012Greenies back at ya! Laura Bow
3/25/2012Karma Love Time :) ~Christine~
3/25/2012Thanks for the boost! InTheMoment
3/25/2012From Apollo. Green Colossus Room
3/25/2012From john goz
3/25/2012Green Hugs from Spazz Colossus Room
3/24/2012Have a great weekend here's some green from shamanik.
3/23/2012Insert positive message here from <Path>.
3/23/2012For supporting ron paul
3/23/2012Karma police, you need a ticket--dionysian
3/21/2012Greens for u 2 thanks- Hey LOOK
3/21/2012Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away =^..^= Girl Genius
3/21/2012Returning Karma --ClappaGuy-- God Bless :)
3/21/2012Back at ya from MURK9
3/20/2012GREEN hugs for you, Strangela
3/19/2012TY for the karma===Quasar
3/18/2012Green Room Return! Do you see what I see <3
3/18/2012Gonviral karma...
3/17/2012A dash of karma! D'Light
3/17/2012Green Hugs from Spazz Colossus Room
3/16/2012BAPHOMET(( Karmabomb
3/16/2012Thank you Chas! Kinect :-)
3/16/2012Cat Mouth Here..thanks for K
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