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11/15/2013Paragraphs ..ever heard of them?
11/15/2013Great thread! Alpacalips
11/15/2013Great thread. SkinnyChic
11/14/2013We all feel the same last one. Kate :((((((
11/14/2013For a great but sad post on our nation's decline - Hawkesbay
11/14/2013I don't give a fuck either!! LOL!! ghost runner
11/14/2013Nice rant on the state of things -Nemamiah
11/14/2013I agree~Silvervega
10/30/2013Your kindness is so greatly appreciated. Thank you.
10/27/2013You're funny! Juliebean.
10/13/2013Excellent find, OP. 5* and a pin request. Good Green 4 U (~)
10/12/2013I'm scared too
10/4/2013Discrimatory comment
10/4/2013Discrimatory comments
9/28/2013You pass, and you made me laugh! Jedi!
9/10/2013For standing up to TPTB ~ Odd John
9/10/2013Agreed at least they are doing something--can
9/7/2013For your fitting song...trixagus
9/7/2013It still hurts. quite one
8/31/2013Awesome attitude! - Louve
8/12/2013Uncle fuck stick
7/11/2013No imagination, so we don't care to hear from you
6/19/2013No one else cares what you think, either.
6/3/2013Excellent post on the 'biker' thread. Sloane
5/25/2013Hilarious - ANHEDONIC
5/5/2013Thank you for reading :) Turtles
5/5/2013Ahahaha - your 'slogan' - but yet you encourage. Nice. Sloane
5/4/2013Amen. ~PENG
5/2/2013I like the fucks you do give! From: wait....what?
5/1/2013Well you are a trooper~Sonic Doom
5/1/2013Good kharma for a good guy! -w_nb
4/19/2013Flag hoisted for wrong reason
4/19/2013Thank you, Turtles
4/17/2013I DO give a fuck.
2/26/20131sleepwalker...thanks​ man!knew was 30 somewhere
2/9/2013Oh yeaa
1/26/2013Funny shit
1/1/2013For being a true patriot - Nemamiah
12/31/2012Befaw i used to sounds like i has a mouf fulla buffalo bawls
12/29/2012Karmalove from samanthasunflower
12/28/2012I'm sick of seeing the dumb motherfucker
12/27/20121 lmfao @ strict diet post > issuex
12/8/2012Wishing you a nice weekend! Bluebird
11/26/2012Good post inn the obama vacation thread. --- davvi
11/25/2012Your last few posts that I saw cracked me up. ;-`) -w_nb
11/25/2012Karma! hahahahaha
11/7/2012Thanks for the bump - Vold3mort
11/6/2012I just don't give a fuck? but you think pot is worse than alcohol, wake the fuck up sheep
11/6/2012Bravo re: your plan should Obammy be prez for another four years. Well said. --DT2
10/28/2012For being a hard Working American. Desert Fox
10/19/2012Because you are a scared pussy, the rest of us must suffer? Grow some balls!
10/16/2012The truth
10/14/2012Thank you! amywood71605
10/3/2012For your David Axel-grease etc, ect. comment on your thread!! Just great!!! Lol. ~Vesper33~
10/3/2012The Truth.
10/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2012Republican Propaganda Machine
9/24/2012Armpit comment. RayGun
9/6/2012Republican propaganda machine
8/19/2012Good post. sonic doom
8/11/2012Ex wife comment made me spit out in laughter! ~notgonna
7/19/2012Cry baby
7/15/2012Being a jerk a lot
7/13/2012Bad ass old folk lmao
7/13/2012Great responses, keep up the good work! -J-
7/12/2012Excessive wisdom
7/12/2012Ain't no point being a nasty old person. Be nice.
7/11/2012Swahilis LMAO
7/7/2012Good luck. - Borian
6/21/2012I wipe my ass with you muthafucka - red for red
6/14/2012Their expectancy truly frightens me...rabid in their desire for everyone else to pay for their everything and to take responsibility for nothing, including themselves...Rael
6/14/2012LoLed at some of your post to the Gimme Generation whiners--Bluebird
6/13/2012Love how you put him in his place, MONSTER
6/13/2012I wipe my ass with you muthafucka - red for red
6/12/2012Idiot kids...gotta set them straight: Tanarus
6/11/2012Brief :)
6/6/2012Useless post with no redeeming value.
5/23/2012Cheers Mate
5/21/2012Can't post a link because it's not true. post a link, any link, to support your deranged raving. priceless. sonic doom
5/12/2012Obama poll good one
5/6/2012Church lady
4/26/2012Lol Attempting to give a damn and that vulture avatar lol
4/18/2012Karma because the green room was taken away :( Missouri Foxtrotter
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