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NimbusAurelius's Karma

Total: 27 (27  User Votes) and 9

11/21/2022Green beans - Archimedes Girl
5/25/2022Stood up! love 99
3/11/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/11/2022Hugs and love from nutmeg!
1/6/2022For good advice. Colour Crsuader
4/23/2021Green for you - BirdMom
4/22/2021Your COVID pages—-MarPep
4/19/2021Green cuz you like my avi... <3 LittleMe <3
11/13/2020Being logical
11/13/2020Thanks for your answer! -Trio
11/13/2020Your right
9/19/2020Green for not ending a sentence in a preposition. good job. Pilgrim
8/4/2019Here's to your speedy recovery. You sound like a lovely person! ~ Renaissance Woman
8/4/2019She has a good heart
7/28/2019Green for you - BirdMom
1/1/2019Green for your comment on American or French thread - BirdMom
1/1/2019Happy New Year from beeches
9/14/2018Hi, from one birdmom to another! - BirdMom
2/10/2012For being on my buddy list krispykritter
10/8/2011Tender foot
10/8/2011Nasty ass whore
10/8/2011Wearing your vagina on your sleeve. kwitcherbitchin.
10/8/2011I agree with you about the karma thing x
9/28/2011Trying to link mexican drug violence to jihadists, sick
9/22/2011For feeling THOR was hot
9/20/2011Good Post ~Silverblade
9/20/2011Luv seeing you on my thread, c77
9/17/2011Thank you for your kind words~Nyte
9/1/2011For kindness!
8/12/2011Good post

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