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7/15/2012Nice obama pic Fatalw1shes
7/12/2012Awesome negro genetic info
7/12/2012For bringing truth about the 'tribes' -Nemamiah
7/6/2012Negros stink!
7/2/2012Tell it like it is, Pool.
7/2/2012Templar avatar
7/2/2012Kemo Sabe
6/28/2012Shut the fuck up over DNA bullshit on every fucking thread.
6/27/2012You're a xtian problem
6/23/20121+ Ancient
6/23/2012Racist tard
6/23/2012A little more red for your empty head
6/21/2012Fuck Off --- what does being a muslim have to do with this AssHole
6/13/2012Very informative
6/7/2012Just Because You're Christian : )
6/4/2012Islam, religion of piss - subzero86
5/8/2012Fuck islam
4/28/2012You really suck as a human being. Please improve.
4/17/2012Excellent comment re DNA. Can I join the crusade? Bink
4/15/2012Ignorant, misogynistic and unwilling to work to change your current standard of living
4/11/2012Gaia was here
4/9/2012Wanks to cartoons!
4/6/2012Like how you see it comming. +1 to help get rid of the negative crap.
3/31/2012Got that right
3/31/2012Good response to a post
3/30/2012Never ending spamming over DNA bullshit
3/27/2012Racist asshole
3/25/2012Stop posting your crap about human evolution
3/7/2012For the info on solar thread
3/5/2012Wanks to cartoons.
1/25/2012Chemtrail huffer
1/17/2012Scar loves your Avatar....:)
1/16/2012Informative. pool
1/16/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/16/2012Idiot retard.
1/8/2012OP are you back? are you are you are you?
1/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/23/2011You are an idiot
11/22/2011You voted for obama
11/21/2011800 ICBM's will kill the planet you idiot! go back to school. fool
11/4/2011100% paranoid moron.
10/26/2011Crusades for delusional beliefs
10/26/2011Super sheep
10/23/2011Complete idiot/pathetic chemtard/stupid loser
10/21/2011For your courtesy and good will of dialogue. -Inerrancia
10/11/2011Thanks much for contributing to my thread, "Burn the Homes down." Thug Cat.
10/11/2011For Chemtrails - SmokeyThe420Bear
10/11/2011Needs to seek mental health help.
10/11/2011Chemtard!! thanks for adding to my thread
10/11/2011One of the most ignorant chemtards I've ever encountered. A true moron!
10/2/2011Giving you some good karma for the "is America dying post." You are RIGHT!!!!
9/30/2011Paranoid moron/complete dope/loser
9/27/2011Rascist topic, his replies are rascist
9/27/2011Racist epithats
9/27/2011You are insane and in need of therapy, or medication. I hope you see a doctor soon.
9/27/2011Chut up Neanderthal jewish buttstain
9/27/2011Racist mofo
9/27/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2011I got your back... - LunaticFringe
9/27/2011Because single cell amoeba is more evolved than you are.
9/27/2011Great post
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/20/2011Thank you for the post..I can see the trails from here..Carol B.
9/20/2011Good post
9/20/2011Why The Long Face?
9/20/2011Mama dropped her on her head
9/20/2011Ignorant chemtard
8/29/2011Here's some karma! - ss
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