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7/1/2020Keep up the good work - Xenophon
6/30/2020Get thee behind me satan
6/30/2020Grins broadly* Truth
6/30/2020Your wisdom is oftentimes appreciated, thank you. LTHN.
6/30/2020Red because fear of pastries
6/29/2020Puppets can not be that intelligent.. EAT SHITT
6/29/2020I don't need your unmagic little muhroom.
6/27/2020You are still here?
6/25/2020You're retarded
6/25/2020Love for SoL
6/25/2020Love your threads and keep up the great work Cheers…CUBz :)
6/25/2020Fuck off you demonized moron
6/24/2020Total retard. drink bleach cunt
6/23/2020The stupid and foolish followers of Abrahamic religions don’t realize you are placing important high-level truths right before their eyes.
6/20/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/19/2020Long, annoying signature, very cringey as well.
6/19/2020Tenacious Truth. LTHN.
6/16/2020The ignorant unwashed profane masses can not understand you. Do not throw your pearls before swine. They ARE swine.
6/15/2020Go Back to Hell Satan!
6/15/2020Stop doing meth, it's eating your soul
6/14/2020You are such an idiot. Please just go away, no one can stand you or your posts. you are very obviously retarded.
6/13/2020Provoke me already you dumbass, love misty (bfree)
6/9/2020Your stalker who keeps posting kys is one sick individual. may Lucifer have mercy on his soul
6/7/2020I love the sun. Apollo.
6/4/2020Kys cocksucker. your LARP is so retarded. it's like you're 15. in the grunge era. fucking dork.
5/30/2020For Ghost Year Zero
5/29/2020Great Minds are seldom understood and are ridiculed by the ignorant and stupid masses. Keep posting enlightenment, brother.
5/28/2020People like you make it clear to everyone else why Hell is necessary
5/26/2020Keep on Truckin'...CuBz
5/26/2020You are a dork and your LARP is dumb. kys
5/22/2020Makes sense to me!
5/22/2020The Lord God rebuke you!
5/21/2020Thought-provoking threads.
5/21/2020Knowledge of the self
5/21/2020Oooooo, getting closer
5/19/2020This one likes a mean cock up her loose ass.
5/17/2020Lilith and Baal are taken out.
5/15/2020I am Awake
5/14/2020Initiation into the self. LTHN.
5/11/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/11/2020Lucifer, WHEN will you finally spare us from all these low-IQ mouth breathers that stupidly and ignorantly adhere to their Abrahamic beliefs???
5/7/2020For rationalizing like a typical poofter the destruction of all on Earth, including men women and children who haven't done shit to your socialistic occultist ass. Yep, you're a pig who need
5/7/2020What a retard. gfy
5/2/2020Apollo is Apollyon - xenophon
5/1/2020"But how it happen?" Geeze dude, if tyou're going to call everyone 'retarded', you could at least learn to fucking write. Ellipses btw, is three dots not four. Asshat.
5/1/2020God Rules
5/1/2020Love his posts, and Apollo is my God.
5/1/2020Rooting for you to soon overthrow god!
4/30/2020You have posted some great threads over the years. :) ~Hexter~
4/30/2020I Bread Kings.
4/30/2020Bag biter with black eye liner and silver lipstick on painted on his moon shaped face; like that cure guy from years back with the gay spaghetti spine.
4/26/2020Green karma bar means the end of the world..we can get there - cloven
4/25/2020From a Jesus minion
4/25/2020At least you are diffrent than the rest of them
4/21/2020Your not that bad. Theres still good in you. Keep up the good work and more quality threads plz!
4/19/2020There you go. Im not scared to upvote you :D
4/18/2020Your bullshit is way stupider now a days. kys f4ggot
4/18/2020Your efforts to enlighten and free the Minds of these cretins is as effective as a quantum computer programmer trying to instruct a cockroach to learn calculus.
4/18/2020I was taken up in the clouds in 2005. Then to North Star.
4/16/2020You don't deserve all that red, your posts are interesting
4/15/2020You imply you know the illuminati and are associated with them. The real illuminati is 100% female. You are a lying ass since you did not know this, gothy bitch boy.
4/14/2020The truly wise man says nothing.
4/13/2020Total fool
4/13/2020Larper phaaaggot.
4/12/2020Based and blackpilled
4/10/2020Your right about the virus hoax. Do not judge the character but the content of the person!!
4/8/2020He is nothing but a negative energy vampire who only speaks of humanity and our demise it's sad
4/5/2020The jumper! xenophon
4/5/2020Welcome to the daily five club... Covid19
4/2/2020It’s always the weak Mindless ones that post red.
4/1/2020False worshiper. WeSeeYou
3/30/2020This dude was the lead singer for "Foxy" back in 1978.
3/26/2020Kys cocksucker
3/26/2020Typical liberal cuck
3/25/2020Mom called, your pop-tart is ready!
3/23/2020Useful info
3/21/2020Lucy, are you a traney from Transexual Transylvania.
3/17/2020Lucy, there's people actually trying to help you through unconvential means!
3/17/2020Lucy, are you feeling the LOVE from all these so-called christians? LOL!
3/17/2020Go to hell
3/17/2020You never saved anyone from anything.
3/14/2020You are the ones creating the COrona ViruS... awesome thread! <3 LittleMe <3
3/14/2020You are a deballed eunuch who probably cut his own nuts off for a special quiche recipe you found online.
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