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4/20/2019Please continue to expand Minds. Don't let the collective consciousness discourage you. There are several who are listening.
4/16/2019Shit for brains
4/16/2019Re: I am the Architect, asK me a questioN replicA!
4/9/2019Well it seems that the Anomaly I mean god, does negotiate with terrorist after all...and you planet might be on the line.. = GREAT INTEL, AS USUALLY <3 :) 10Q !
4/8/2019Still insane and still a moron
4/1/2019I am beyond god...and I walk above the stars of god...so the church is meaningless ...
3/30/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/28/2019God will not be mocked you coward lol hahhahahahahahahaha
3/28/2019Sun of a bitch
3/28/2019Still an effeminate zit popper.
3/27/2019For your efforts to free a few Minds from the collective consciousness. ~ Spiritual Punk
3/26/2019One of my favourite thinkers here. LTHN.
3/25/2019It is the one in awareness of his own internal center...who is able to encapsulate all time, space and dimension in his own psychic....
3/23/2019Eat 10.479,642 cocks...oh wait, you have.
3/21/2019Fucking dork
3/17/2019This is absolutely out of compassion, as usually, and as a gratitude for the intel, oh, well !
3/16/2019Here is karma already... and the atropine for you is coming
3/15/2019You cannot sneak in back doors.
3/15/2019Karmic green for you. LTHN.
3/9/2019Are all existential occultists dick sitters like you?
3/8/2019Sex and reproduction are tricks of this realm
3/7/2019Go away buffoon
3/7/2019Your LARP is dumb af, dude
3/3/2019I like your posts
3/1/2019Re: Him and heR were nOt mean to BE!!!! What??? 5 one stars already shish …
3/1/2019Nice commitment dude! keep searching or scrying or w/e you do... its cool man - jarrah
2/27/2019As if....Charweese
2/27/2019Tell Lucifer when I catch that bitch I'm gonna pimp slap her for holding da cash out on me, that mufuggin slut. I know she sucked off mo den a dozen homeys today, yo!
2/25/2019Eat a dick
2/24/2019Anomalous green for you. LTHN.
2/24/2019Shut up stupid.
2/24/2019WRONG. As always
2/23/2019I understand you.. do not give up hope!
2/18/2019So which oNe of yOu is the BiGgest GossIP oN GlP?
2/17/2019Get Satan's cock out of your mouth you fag cunt
2/17/2019He is the darkness and its extension in the infinitum ….To know him will put the fear of the unknown in you..To see him is to observe the abyss..to understand him is to break taboo
2/15/2019For lighting the Way so the unwashed may see the path out of darkness. ~ Spiritual Punk
2/11/2019Love your threads…CUB
2/11/2019Go away
2/11/2019Here's some green
2/10/2019You traitor... !
2/10/2019I admire your rebel spirit~Krang33
2/10/2019Green 4 going against the grain
2/8/2019Pearls - xenophon
2/7/2019Is he the supernatural or simply the natural that you yet do not understand …?
2/6/2019Stop trying to mindfuck the poor GLP masses, or you will end up repeating the Fruit of your actions ;)
2/6/2019Love Jesus!
2/6/2019Fuck off retard
2/4/2019Good posts
2/2/2019Glad you post here, thanks. LTHN.
2/2/2019We win in the end, and you know it...
1/31/2019You're not all bad. :) It's A Secret
1/31/2019For the library of knowledge thread…CUB
1/30/2019Cuz this place needs stuff like yours *%
1/30/2019At least I dont have to hide behind a mask. Real people never need one
1/29/2019Lucy, Lucy, Lucy... <3 ~*14*~
1/29/2019The evil are the ignorant masses who know not what they do...!!
1/27/2019Embracing Lucifer to attain enlightenment is like farting in a tub to make a bubble bath. It's making yourself dirtier while thinking your getting cleaner, young whipper snapper.
1/26/2019Thanks for your posts !
1/25/2019Allah akbar
1/25/2019For standing up for the truth - AA
1/24/2019You are more then welcome for words. I like your posts. lance from BC
1/24/2019Anomaly bullshit
1/20/2019For helping others to break free of the collective consciousness of the programmed masses. ~ Zovalex
1/20/2019Religions were never Christ. especially lucifeians were not. usurpers.
1/20/2019Ride a tire down the river Euphrades! works4me
1/19/2019Jesus will strangle Satanist's like you with a slipknot made from Leviathons own spine.
1/17/2019The WOS isn't trying to deceive him, nor does she want anything to do with him.
1/17/2019Ban this fuck
1/17/2019Esoteric cornball.
1/16/2019Attention seaking narcissist.
1/16/2019I like his effort
1/16/2019Brainwashed to the point you will fight for your slavery til death yelling equality and entitlements. Hope karma finds you fast. Your masters thank you.
1/14/2019Good thread of Knowledge----Terrebon​ne
1/14/2019Begone Satan!
1/13/2019Religion... even yours is for tards
1/13/2019Go hang yourself cunt rash
1/12/2019Well I didn't vote for you. Monty Python Repressed Citizen
1/12/2019For standing against the armies of GLP religitards to bring knowledge to the few... - Zovalex
1/12/2019Green - xenophon
1/12/2019Green for you, you get it when others dont.
1/9/2019Most original poster on the site - <3. YTT
1/9/2019Thought provoking posts
1/8/2019Your like a boy with Down syndrome who thinks the difference between his self and others is a superior intellect. Nose in the air Looserfarian.
1/6/2019You are not Amen Ra. You are a spoiled brat.
1/5/2019You're that person that people doesn't like. Make them pay.
1/5/2019His chosing will determine your extiction or your survivaL
1/3/2019Do your posts have a point? can't you tell we're all tired of them?
1/3/2019Good stuff - xenophon
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