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Thunderdome65's Karma

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6/24/2014One helluva post! HUGS!
5/2/2014In time all will be revealed. be well and love well. your octobersolstice
3/31/2014Spring kisses - octobersolstice
3/8/2014Let's go walking hand in hand beneath a starlit sky, feel the love, smile the vibe, and never ever wonder why
2/23/2014Can you feel it? loving you - o.s.
1/29/2014I'm that little smile on your shoulder - that sweet kiss on your soul
1/7/2014Dance dance dance and smile. loving you across every mile.
12/22/2013Dancing the starlit night away with you ...smiling, too. octobersolstice
12/9/2013Big hug to the thunderdome65 - hope your day is laden with love
11/26/2013Thank you. i love you, whoever you are. and love is real.
11/7/2013Such a sweet heart it is... smiling at you... octobersolstice
10/30/2013Warrior karma and a speedy victory of good over evil - lovin ya 65
10/20/2013Love to the dome of thunder! octobersolstice
10/3/2013Happy october and love to you - octobersolstice
9/9/2013Tossing lots of life your way - love octobersolstice
8/29/201365 was a great year ! octobersolstice
8/14/2013I love my red rose! thank you so much. have a good one.
8/3/2013Glad to have you as a friend! octobersolstice
6/12/2013For your handle and your avatar.... octobersolstice
1/9/2013For your kind words. :) 28m
11/29/2012Love GFG
11/20/2012Unfortunately discrimination is bad
11/16/2012Love your sig-line....Sledster
11/7/2012Thanks GFG
9/12/2012Great "you might be a muzlim" post...LOL
5/21/2012You might be a Muslim ifâ¦..
5/21/2012Nice comment
5/9/2012Reported Copyright Violation
4/3/2012My mental capacity is fine you diseased asshole
3/9/2012Thanks NUTRAMAC
3/8/2012Well said
3/8/2012Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet. ~Tandym
2/24/2012Love you You might be a Muslim, #10 made me laugh out loud ;)
2/15/2012Needed info
2/15/2012Vaccine thread. -DILKe
2/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/13/2012For creative and accurate use of language for the brief person
2/13/2012Low IQ
1/31/2012For Your Wisdom(~) < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
1/30/2012Another immature self-centered male still stuck in the conflicts of puberty
1/30/2012Just another woman hater trying to chase all the girls off GLP so you can have a sausage fest.
1/30/2012Thanks for your kind words. :) 28m
1/17/2012Rep for your post and I'm using it as my siggy hope you don't mind -jessme2
1/11/2012Thanks for your words of encouragement. :) 28m
11/23/2011Your Welcome - kelly :)
11/8/2011Thx for the lol rowdy_58
11/3/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here
11/3/2011Was abused as a child :(
10/15/2011The Chinese thread. 23
10/13/2011Herman Cain 2012! White Light knows!
10/12/2011Thanks NUTRAMAC
10/12/2011Ur a dumbass
10/5/2011For keeping the thread alive NUTRAMAC
10/4/2011Hope you don't have kids because I would hate to see them under the influence of such an asshole.
10/4/2011Big plus for your reply in-Child abuse in school. Foxy
10/4/2011Watch what you wish for
10/3/2011Nickleback? Seriously?
9/30/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/15/2011ASSHOLE To Brief for NO REASON
9/9/2011Are you sure i'm your first ?

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