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Fidokrab's Karma

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6/18/2012What a sick and twisted hater you are!
6/18/2012Cock gobbler.
6/7/2012Dig your signature ~CreationOfPoets
5/21/2012You are a dickhead and a moron - get a life and fuck off GLP
12/21/2011"invasive military ground operations"...sadly, I think you're right
11/30/2011For supporting my thread against Verichip - Dease
11/14/2011I like your avatar. It's very cute. ;-)
10/23/2011Shut that mind
10/22/2011Thanks for the breakout...CrazyBud
10/17/2011You have been captured by the jesus propaganda nazis. Not good.
10/15/2011For standing up for your beliefs! - starrynytes
9/16/2011Cuz you're drinkin' and you're Christian
9/7/2011Your religious beliefs have deceived you > Be One with God < Love is the answer
9/7/2011America Needs a Doctor Not a Politician
9/3/2011God bless. me777
9/3/20111 for your encouraging post!!

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