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Krispy71's Karma

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12/31/2014Never step back and always have courage to accept new challenges. Wishing you a very happy new year 2015. Elena.C
12/31/2014Happy new year! -Falter
12/30/2014Green by Zod! And happy new year!
12/30/2014Merry christmas! IWTB76
12/29/2014Good responses
12/28/2014Happy New Year! ~ Simple27 : )
12/27/2014Green from PIR
12/26/2014Merry Christmas MsK...Czar
12/25/2014Hi my friend ;) I was just thinking of you this morning when I came across a paper. I think I will PM it to you. Hope you're well. ~TH
12/25/2014Greetings from Germany - Weltenbrand
12/25/2014From davos
12/25/2014Holiday green hugs sl
12/24/2014Happy Xmas and lots of Love to you :) Lucy
12/24/2014Oh! Thank you and I wish you fat sleighbells & reindeer stomping in the cold :)xxooodawa
12/24/2014Prettige kerstdagen en alvast een gelukkig nieuwjaar! :-) KipKat
12/24/2014For starting seperate Bardarbunga thread. The other is very up to date.
12/22/2014Stupidity at its finest.
12/22/2014Hey Krispy... good to see you. Have wonderful christmas holidays my friend :) ~ A r c
12/21/2014Green thanx by Zod! & happy x-mas :-)
12/20/2014For you ! - Mercury11
12/18/2014Happy Holidays. pool
12/16/2014Season's Greetings! ERE3 aka U3! :)
12/15/2014Hope you are well...my 2 cents
12/15/2014I just figured out who you are ( xxxk). Thanks for the green karma during this year. Lisa Diane
12/15/2014There's no depth to your level of ignorance.
12/14/2014Lep pozdrav iz Ljubljane
12/14/2014Holiday ((((HUGS))))!!!....>>​>>Settle4It<<<<
12/13/2014Big hugs, Ele xxx
12/12/2014For all your doing! IWTB76
12/11/2014Green karma from PIR :)
12/9/2014Hope all is good for you :) Much Love, Lucy
12/8/2014Green by Zod! Hope u r fine :-)
12/5/2014Winter green and a holly berry for you - Octobersolstice
11/27/2014Best wishes to you- hope all is well! Cheers - B. Dahlia
11/20/2014Green by Zod! :-)
11/17/2014Great to have you back :) Hugs, Lucy <3
11/17/2014Welcome back! KipKat
11/11/2014Green by Zod! :-)
11/6/2014Hope all is well :) Love, Lucy
11/1/2014For when you come back, love from ~T~ xxx
10/30/2014Green by Zod! :-)
10/29/2014Karma Hugs! :)- ~Christine~
10/25/2014Hope you are doing good, Krispy, love from ~T~ xxx
10/25/2014Have a nice weekend :) Much Love, Lucy
10/24/2014A r c
10/18/2014Always admiration, love from ~T~ xx
10/14/2014Green by Falter!
10/13/2014Green by Zod! :-)
10/13/2014Hope things are ok there ;) Elena
10/13/2014Some WeAreOne green :)
10/11/2014Hugs! TY for all the Light you shine! :) ~ U3
10/10/2014Green hug from ~T~ xx
10/10/2014A squishy Friday hug from Ele with love xx
10/8/2014More green for your courage(or stubbornness lol) Doobie
10/7/2014For being opposite to Aco - you are too egotisitical
10/7/2014One of Acolyte's many shills.
10/7/2014Greetings including october sunshine ~ A r c
10/3/2014All the best from my 2 cents
10/2/2014Green greetings to you my friend :) Much Love, Lucy
10/2/2014Green sister hugs from ~T~ xxx
10/1/2014Green hug from Zod! :-)
9/29/2014You've got the integrity thing goin' on ~ dawa
9/29/2014Tsar fhisp
9/29/2014Kisses. pool
9/28/2014Happy Sunday! Love from Ele xxx
9/25/2014Gooday! -Mercury11
9/24/2014Welcome back! ~RTS
9/23/2014Get well soon!:) -Falter
9/23/2014Oh yeah, greens :-)
9/23/2014Big sister hugs from ~T~ xxx
9/23/2014Putin's cum will make you feel better sweetie! Drink up!
9/23/2014Get well green!
9/21/2014Hello my friend. I hope you are feeling better...my 2 cents
9/20/2014Will be alright ~ A r c
9/20/2014Missed your wise contributions, chum! Good to see you :) ~ dawa
9/18/2014For posting so much random crap on the Bezerk thread.
9/15/2014Love from ~T~ xxx
9/13/2014Karma dose ~ A r c
9/10/2014Sending healing thoughts and vibes your way :) Isis7
9/10/2014Benelux ftw right :p Zuck
9/10/2014Green thanx from Zod! :-)
9/9/2014Green from PIR
9/9/2014Stay well! matjaz
9/8/2014Good to see you back Krispy. KFinn
9/8/2014Don't let the bickering bother you too much. Hope you are better soon...my 2 cents
9/8/2014How does Putin's ass taste?
9/7/2014Happy sunday! Elena
9/6/2014Buddy love coming your way with hugs & squishes :D Ele xx
9/5/2014Rickoshet rabbit strikes green again! ~ ooox dawa
9/5/2014Love from ~T~ xxx
9/3/2014Green wishes for healing sl
9/2/2014Your body has had enough of your russian disinfo, that's why you're not feeling well!
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