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Krispy71's Karma

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10/19/2013Isis7 :)
10/14/2013COR was here =^..^=
10/14/2013; (
10/13/2013Crazy person - seek help
10/6/2013ConspiracyOrReality Sending You Some Green! GOD BLESS!
10/6/2013Full of it
9/25/2013We must have a meeting and cross some thoughts
9/24/2013For you whhicked post on BS1 - BHDeeheehee
9/24/2013Hugs! ~U3
9/22/2013Sending some GREEN PURRS your way =^..^=
9/21/2013Me either
9/19/2013Can hardly wait seven days to give you red
9/17/2013Drive by greening! <<waves>> ;) SL
9/15/2013Have you have a great week!! :)- Hugs,~Christine~
9/13/2013I dont have to wait LOL
9/10/2013Can hardly wait seven days to give you red
9/9/2013Drive by greening
9/7/2013Back At You! Also blew you a kiss, must be outside to receive it. Hold on to something, I don't want you to fall down! LMAO! ;-) Wanta10ga (aka: snowgoosebob)
9/5/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2013Well said :) Isis7
9/5/2013Royal British baby birth --- ElenaC
9/4/2013Nice, calming words on BS1 - BHD
9/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/4/2013Vain and wrong
9/2/2013Are you really that stupid?
9/2/2013Royal baby birth hoax? sorry, you are sooo deluded
9/2/2013Love Your Threads CoR
9/1/2013Green hit ;)
8/31/2013Propz for propz
8/29/2013Karma from Arcturus
8/27/2013You're nuts lady
8/26/2013Thank you for all the info .... coco
8/26/2013Round and round she goes
8/26/2013Think before you post
8/26/2013Lover of shills - very strange
8/25/2013Thanks for your support your K'ness!! - BHD xx
8/22/2013Awwww! Hugs to you! ~U3
8/18/2013Dot to dot to dot. Feels right K - BHD
8/17/2013Stopping by to say HELLO! =^..^= CorR
8/17/2013From Cococ
8/15/2013I've been following since the beginning. Finally got a handle, here's some long awaited karma =].
8/12/2013Thanks, hope it made you feel better
8/11/2013Sunday Hugs for a Sweety! ~Christine~ :)-
8/9/2013Thanks for the support K. You have a wonderful interpretation of life - BHD
8/8/2013FYI LOUISIANA is a very peculiar state! Strange laws & goings on there. Nothing would surprise me!
8/8/2013For consistently being you !
8/7/2013Insane people can connect ALL dots too krispy.I hope you can hug augie soon.
8/7/2013'morphing cargo' gelcoat bond!
8/4/2013Symbols and leads used in the Olympics of 2012 :) ElenaC
8/2/2013Ohwell Saying Hi
8/2/2013Medestrijder en waarheidszoeker ~ Castor
7/26/2013Dont ever breed
7/25/2013Krispy71 is willing to look more closely at news events and doesn't take everything at face value. We need more discerning people like her.
7/25/2013Karma for you ~ Arcturus
7/24/2013Oh lovely,,,, another Ford Perfect type idiot.... -1
7/24/2013Great thread and post
7/24/2013Use the search bar before you post a new thread. there was already a 20+ page thread on this yesterday
7/24/2013Ohwell returning a gesture.
7/24/2013Nasty ass vain shill bitch liar
7/24/2013Good info!
7/20/2013Ancha - la sinkhole - good info
7/20/2013Thanks for the informative post on the sinkhole : ). NOLAangel
7/20/2013Thanks for that loooong post! Very informative. Vic-chick13
7/15/2013For kitties loved and lost SL
7/12/2013Karma for you ~ Arcturus
7/2/2013Thanks for the bump :) WeAreOne.
6/28/2013Thanks for the response ~derelekt
6/27/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
6/23/2013Yin & Yang! positive green yeaaahhh baaaaybeee!!! - BHD
6/21/2013Dont make me laugh.... liar
6/2/2013Always thought provoking info - BHD
6/1/2013Some Karma for you ~ Artaius
5/25/2013Peas pudding
5/22/2013A little ray of sunshine - BHD
5/21/2013Green gold for this next month, enjoy Isis7
5/21/2013Love your thinking
5/9/2013Some long over due lurve to you her-K'ness : ) BHD
5/2/2013The Secret of Secrets - great info --- ElenaC
4/28/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/25/2013For your marveloous way of dealing with the third person dude on Bezerk. And for being you. Doobie
4/20/2013Love your 'out of the box' thinking! SL
4/18/2013Uniek! - RoXY
3/14/2013Just to brighten your day! SL
3/13/2013Voor al het werk dat je in de BEZERK thread steekt - RoXY
3/6/2013BIG HUGGGZ 4 U! U-3 :o)
3/4/2013Keep it comin'! - RoXY
3/4/2013Good on you k for sticking to your guns
2/28/2013Love the way you see and word ideas! SL
2/28/2013For telling lies about Aco and Nexus
2/28/2013U r Delusional
2/27/2013To help offset your delusional ideas...keep em' commin'...Cz
2/27/2013Same to you MzBezerk :)
2/27/2013Yes it was Iolair, youre welcome ~ Artaius
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