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<<TIMEWATCHER>>'s Avatar<<TIMEWATCHER>> USA143 months, 23 days ago30 months, 21 days ago3,477
aliasx's Avataraliasx USA139 months, 2 days ago39 months, 8 days ago5,675
 antwan Japan183 months, 16 days ago85 months, 1 days ago5,845
Base12's AvatarBase12 USA104 months, 13 days agoToday6,161
 Beavis Nicaragua11 months, 12 days ago11 months, 2 days ago39
 Best_website USA27 months, 22 days ago27 months, 21 days ago0
bigD111's AvatarbigD111 USA147 months, 6 days agoToday46,866
Charbird's AvatarCharbird USA70 months, 12 days agoToday7,067
 ChronicallyCurious USA89 months, 9 days ago63 months, 10 days ago1,004
Daddysgirl's AvatarDaddysgirl USA209 months, 28 days ago78 months, 9 days ago5,554
Dads girl's AvatarDads girl USA54 months, 2 days ago47 months, 22 days ago75
Dark Zen's AvatarDark Zen Sweden144 months, 23 days ago136 months, 24 days ago6,555
Deplorable KC_Goldshine's AvatarDeplorable KC_Goldshine USA97 months, 10 days ago60 months, 11 days ago19,928
 eagle's heart/aurora USA82 months, 19 days ago75 months, 6 days ago4,036
 EarthKin USA139 months, 0 days ago12 months, 14 days ago1,069
 exStepfordian USA147 months, 23 days ago140 months, 6 days ago2,489
 Eyeno USA109 months, 26 days ago72 months, 1 days ago15
 Feerlyss USA153 months, 25 days ago17 days ago1,620
Fly  Over Land's AvatarFly Over Land USA60 months, 16 days ago22 days ago1,254
Girl Genius's AvatarGirl Genius USA148 months, 26 days ago7 days ago7,220
HolySpiritWind's AvatarHolySpiritWind USA86 months, 9 days ago63 months, 25 days ago4,338
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda Bears USA110 months, 1 days agoToday6,431
 jackleson USA72 months, 7 days agoToday4,273
JD Freely's AvatarJD Freely USA37 months, 10 days ago29 months, 13 days ago2,984
JessKira Kadwalladyr's AvatarJessKira Kadwalladyr USA176 months, 8 days ago82 months, 27 days ago10,092
 JLynn USA147 months, 17 days ago23 months, 12 days ago8
 Jroy USA99 months, 10 days agoToday330
KeysHolder's AvatarKeysHolder USA78 months, 2 days ago66 months, 10 days ago195
 MG-42 Canada154 months, 22 days ago135 months, 15 days ago4,409
MonkeyvsReptiles's AvatarMonkeyvsReptiles Panama22 days ago22 days ago1
MsMc's AvatarMsMc United Kingdom130 months, 23 days agoToday7,684
Ohio chic's AvatarOhio chic USA114 months, 14 days agoToday11,324
 Ohwell USA137 months, 21 days ago102 months, 14 days ago14,204
PirateMonkey's AvatarPirateMonkey Starfleet133 months, 25 days ago11 months, 29 days ago9,567
Ralph--a house dog's AvatarRalph--a house dog USA124 months, 23 days ago48 months, 2 days ago17,062
RedDemonSlayer's AvatarRedDemonSlayer USA132 months, 5 days ago130 months, 4 days ago1,074
redhouserebel's Avatarredhouserebel United Kingdom108 months, 5 days ago74 months, 11 days ago14,037
Rev Woo-Woo's AvatarRev Woo-Woo USA145 months, 13 days agoToday39,347
Revbo™'s AvatarRevbo™ USA160 months, 4 days agoToday52,178
 ruser USA128 months, 18 days agoToday6,125
Sol Neman's AvatarSol Neman USA125 months, 8 days ago11 days ago3,208
South Central's AvatarSouth Central USA74 months, 21 days agoToday2,141
The Natural One's AvatarThe Natural One USA68 months, 25 days ago10 months, 27 days ago43,425
 The Wordsmith USA125 months, 26 days ago102 months, 12 days ago2,287
 TheSeeker USA145 months, 26 days ago139 months, 12 days ago1,964
 Thing 1 USA122 months, 21 days ago10 months, 17 days ago1,397
 TwinSister USA163 months, 6 days ago87 months, 19 days ago4,251
Tywanderer's AvatarTywanderer United Kingdom110 months, 23 days ago109 months, 22 days ago6
Undestroyer's AvatarUndestroyer USA138 months, 17 days agoToday13,707
Unruly's AvatarUnruly Taiwan9 months, 7 days agoToday2,491
UseLessRepEATER's AvatarUseLessRepEATER USA157 months, 27 days agoToday16,207
 WearyWarrior Starfleet74 months, 18 days ago73 months, 15 days ago114