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Just Some Guy's Karma

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8/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/6/2014Green Karma for you! - Tesla
4/5/2014You are a fucking idiot
4/3/2014Because you understand the travesty of the 17th Amendment ~BSZ
3/26/2014Good response in tsa thread. -Pole Cat
3/12/2014Ancient crown contribution..Sir Griffo
1/23/2014Just because
1/18/2014Sorry to hear about your dog.
1/18/2014I'm sorry about your baby. ((((Hugs)))))))
1/18/2014Karma for Kia -- from Karnac
1/18/2014Sorry for your loss - hindsight2020
12/1/2013Your sad
10/19/2013Your comment in Phenns thread. Desert Fox.
10/19/2013"You know things are a lot easier if you just get a job." :D
8/7/2013Karma Love :)
6/4/2013I can be an ass too!
2/16/2013Pit bulls are dangerous, drug dealer dogs...why can't people see this!?
2/5/2013From Ted to your metrosexual fag ass!!!
2/4/2013Butthurt liberal
2/4/2013Logical thinking
1/16/2013Thank you for pointing out Peta's lack of ethics. Zenobiaphobia
1/5/2013Sandy hook poll thread. andawg221
12/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/5/2012Yeah, they nutride on certain folks for the pin! Welcome! Sith...
12/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/4/2012Great Post, from Terrebonne
11/5/2012Glad you said it - who is voting for him????
11/4/2012Obama supporter (clearly retarded)
10/20/2012Some sane advice in the thread about shipments to Gaza.
10/16/2012Where's My Mule! - shaz
10/14/2012Thanks, mattied
5/13/2012Great comment on the Obama gay thread :)
5/6/2012Red headed heroin is awesome. -- Borian.
4/29/2012Post on anti- bullying thread - Hagmann
4/18/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/27/2012Some Karma from Thug Cat.
2/27/2012Yes they are
2/20/2012Shitbag enabler. excuses are for pussies.
1/2/2012Ron Paul 2012!
12/10/2011Fuck muslims
9/18/2011Just because
8/29/2011If you think voting changes anything, you're a fucking IDIOT. Peopl who vote should be sterilized for consistently making BAD DECISIONS!!

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