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Nacht im Walde's Karma

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9/3/2014For doing your part!! ^V^
1/6/2013Greetings from Artaius
1/3/2013Thanks for sharing :-) trailingedge
11/18/2012Love and appreciation 141
11/13/2012Interessanter Nick, Gruà :) ~ Artaius
9/3/2012Cool UFO vid - Half Past Midnight
6/16/2012For your post on space weather being openly discussed! Thanks!!~Vesper33~
4/28/2012Cool threads!
4/16/2012Good thought provoking vid. thanks for posting
3/5/2012Thanks for the sun pics!-Hugh M Eye
2/22/2012Love this post
2/21/20121 Human Intel; from: Alien Commander Omd I
2/21/2012Great post -LG
2/14/2012Thanks so much for sharing! Path
2/12/2012Venus slow rate / energy calculations - thank you!
2/5/2012For the chaplin video, GG
2/5/2012Great idea to produce this stickers! Arigato
1/25/2012Wing-ed Karma
1/21/2012Awesome Post. What did happen in the Beginnin??? Fatalw1shes
1/21/2012Great post,and thinking outside the box!!
1/21/2012Thank you for the awesome research!... CyBerndt
1/21/2012History repeating itself?
1/21/2012For posting Mayan article. - Morpheus -
1/21/2012Great Info
11/16/2011Open minded. ;-)
11/15/2011Great link, Alien Commander Omd I
10/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/25/2011For being so nice
10/23/2011Just for being you! - calin
10/21/2011Excellent crop circle post D Fir
10/21/2011For your authentic posts :)
10/11/2011For making us think. --mad pole--
9/24/2011For focusing on the beginning, instead of the end. Great thread. MrCash
9/21/2011From SS
8/31/2011Thanks for the links.
8/29/2011Great link and insight! thank you :)
8/28/2011For the good poopin video B.H.
8/25/2011Ich mag die Nacht und ich mag den Wald. GrüÃe aus Nürnberg
8/25/2011You are blessed and loved!

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