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Epic Beard Guy's Karma

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6/19/2012Nice post karma 4 u from Gonviral
6/19/2012Maybe he is not bowing. He could just be getting ready to go down on him! sonic doom
6/17/2012Mean Spirited Post!!!
6/17/2012Try being nice to people, cause dying alone sucks.
6/14/2012Fuck you you dirty old stupid fuck that enjoys the weekend because unions fought for them. You are trash.
6/14/2012Politically charged comment fail
6/13/2012Made me laugh!....indiandave
6/7/2012Appeciate the help and advice :)
6/6/2012Tells it like it is.
5/30/2012I liked what you had to say :)
5/20/2012Right on
5/20/2012Thanks, Green back at ya
5/15/2012I like your avatar shirt, and wish you lived in my neighborhood!
5/15/2012Epic post from an Epic Beard - thanks for telling it like it is. Mehitable
5/14/2012Always like reading you comments. Peace! 11.11.11
5/7/2012Gonviral karma..for that post!
5/3/2012Balancing out some red + For supporting OUR Constitution...IRQ_1
4/26/20121 11. 11. 11
4/19/2012EPIC BATTY BOY !! Doesn't the cum make your beard sticky ?
4/19/2012Keep up the fight! No Dhimmi
4/17/2012Obama uses dumbest argument ever for keeping marijuana illegal. I like reading your posts! Common Sense! Much love! 11:11:11
4/16/2012Constitutional Crusader > Justice for All < tSJ
4/16/2012Wow! great post on the CISPA thread... my2centsworth
4/15/2012Thank you sir. sonic doom
4/7/2012Thanks for the gum job lastnight!
4/7/2012Is that a chinese sex offender alert poster with your picture on it?
4/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/4/2012Supports tyranny, police abuse, and miscegnation -1
3/30/2012Green to epic beard guy!! For your comment on the hutaree malitia....saved
3/21/2012You're right, bill and hill will jump ship as soon as the cat is offiicially outta that bag!
3/20/2012Beards are cool
3/17/2012For a true American. Fatalw1shes
3/13/2012Reported Abusive Post
3/2/2012For turth! Sandpiper
3/1/2012I liked the reply to a post
2/29/2012Good preps post- sent to my fa
2/29/2012For your comment on having food preps!! From: wait...what?
2/29/2012Wing-ed Karma
2/27/2012The world is fekked at the moment.. cp .. karma for you
2/26/2012Monsanto post _ Hagmann
2/16/2012Hatred against non US
2/16/2012From Tiger1.
2/15/2012EBG! Thanks For Sharing! We're Huge Into History! Jack Daphne
2/15/2012Hillsdale constitution thread - Resister
2/15/2012CtYankee thanks you for this....God bless
2/15/2012Green Karma for you, Master EBG(~) <Peace be with You(~)> tSJ
2/15/2012Thanks for the link - Oubliette
2/13/2012Cheers CP
2/11/2012Yeah, and he'll keep running his mouth, too.
2/9/2012Beef it's whats for dinner!
2/9/2012U r right "Operation tomodachi" saved a lot,arigato gozaimasua lot
2/6/2012Great response on the yellowstone thread.. I agree....my2centswort​h
2/2/2012Right back at ya. CJ
2/2/2012NASA is bullshit central, i never expected to be pinned LOL
2/2/20121 for independent thinking and God given rights, spreading truth
1/27/2012From one Tesla fan to another - LilacFrost
1/25/2012Whats witht the av dude
1/25/2012Thank You for your input to SOPA/PIPA Thread..WildFlower
1/17/2012Missed the point
1/10/2012India SUX
1/6/2012Agree Santorum may be the one ****Butterfly girl
1/5/2012I like the responce
12/28/2011Progressivism isn't restricted to any party. It isn't only a liberal thing either. Progressives believe in big government, and will eventually lead to the New World Order. The Demacraps and
12/25/2011You are cool. Pool
12/16/2011For The Republic !
12/16/2011Unemployment creates jobs. LOL RayGun
12/16/2011Thanks Nutramac
12/11/2011For being Ron Paul's little butt boy,!!!!
12/10/2011Right back at ya. CJ
12/9/2011When someone is going through something horrible, why do you tell them there's a good chance it won't work out for them because it didn't work out for you? I'm talkng about back s
12/5/2011Doom crapper. -Rev
12/1/2011Kangaroo meat +1 kilowatt
11/29/2011Another sane one,,, we are a dying breed,,, aren't we? ,,, hitndahedfred
11/27/2011Senate To Vote On Legislation That Allows U.S. Military to Detain Americans Without Charge or Trial. Thanks for your research on this! 11.11.11
11/24/2011For your post on the Real ID Act and ObamaCare. ~ TitianWaves
11/17/2011Here's to good karma~LilOleMe
11/17/2011Thanks for the update on the gun ban! I usually shoot indoor ranges but love being outside too!
11/14/2011So true---ty---freefalli​ng
11/10/2011Thanks from OM
11/10/2011Good responce about Sheriff Joe!
11/8/2011Good post about hillary,Eric and Barry....indiandave
10/22/2011Good response to liberal carbon emission tard
10/17/2011Not related comments. attacking positive mental thinking
10/17/2011CO2 Bullshit. Good Post. RayGun
10/14/2011For a good statement on the thread, from Ayr Phorce Yuan.
10/13/2011Epic, probaly smells like tuna twat.. buahahaha !
10/12/2011Thank you Epic Beard Guy for standing up for the majority of women who will take the high road in the end... kudos and a karma point for you!! starrynytes
10/10/2011Hugs, emerald eye
10/10/2011Sorry your wife shot you +1 for your trouble
10/7/2011For telling socialist basterds fuck you
10/6/2011The truth is the truth
10/4/2011That's the truth! TexasGirl
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