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4/16/2023"to wrastle with these Archon/demon things" exactly. Cheers. Have a fine week. Piece of Gossip
3/24/2023Cheers .. Murphy
3/24/2023You had a v cool dad. pool
3/10/2023From Butch DeFeo
2/26/2023Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
2/25/2023Of course some shelves will be empty after 8pm. Duh..
7/19/2022Correct you are. And this is to counter the idiot that gave you red.
2/14/2022Read what the women who were with Hitler said about him. He was a sick creep.
1/26/2022Cheers, j3
1/18/2022Thank you for "perfect sense".... Seekinginformation
1/1/2022Evil advertising
12/28/2021Merry Christmas to you too! A beautiful rendition. Thank you. Colour Crusader
12/15/2021Nailed it. -REaliZe
12/11/2021Good post!
11/15/2021U right ~ Flashbuzzkill
10/6/2021If true, that employer is a hero!
9/24/2021No God given right to land but you have God given right to red karma.
8/3/2021Good post on that Hopi thread - bootobin
7/30/2021Agree with you - so many strands - Cleolotus
7/24/2021Jukebox Greenz Have a great weekend...CUBmon :)
7/21/2021Lot of us feel same re ELE SHTF event and this is the culling. Good comment...Zenobia :-)
7/19/2021Stay good ~ Flashbuzzkill
6/19/2021Love your posts ~WalrusRider
6/13/2021Dumb as a box of rocks
5/20/2021From humbird
5/18/2021Someone else knows! :)
5/16/2021Not True on Trump flubbing. You should rethink your point of reference
5/15/2021But she does have the lizard eyes - bootobin
5/14/2021Good to be good. pool
3/26/2021Helvegen. pool
3/22/2021Mommy and Daddy Stars have Baby Stars
2/10/2021Brainwashed globalist Libtard shill perpetuating the official LIES of 9/11.
2/2/2021Just like the CO2 nonsense, LGTBQism, wokeness, diversity.
1/20/2021Hope so too
1/18/2021Thanks for the Ankundinova comments. We Who Watch.
1/12/2021President-Elect Yo Adrian
1/9/2021Insightful. Juan o savin
12/29/2020Trump 2020! Holiday green!
12/20/2020Sunday greens. cheers, jj johns
12/18/2020Green from AV201
12/16/2020Green - grove street
12/16/2020Good GREEN for you. You deserve it! -Freckle Face
12/13/2020Ejecting the offending counties and going down to that level with electors is a very good notion.
12/13/2020Sound reasoning
11/25/2020Nice post.. Robbiew
11/20/2020Excellent post on world-wide voting ramifications - Blue State Rebel
9/5/2020FUCK OFF !!! Covid19
8/19/2020Great post - Deluge
7/30/2020Noice...Lance from BC
7/14/2020Down w pedos - ProfWT
6/13/2020For speaking truth to idiots. Oh well.
4/19/2020Happy sunday. cheers, jj johns
4/16/2020Checkout Till from Butch DeFeo
4/14/2020God Bless Polly! Lance from BC
4/12/2020Happy easter green. stay safe. cheers, jj johns
4/4/2020Hope all is well. stay safe, cheers, jj johns
3/5/2020Red for shills
11/9/2019Thanks for your input on buying a rental car. I'm going to do it! ~Interested_1
10/13/2019You are correct they are not even hiding it anymore
9/30/2019Greenade incoming!! investigating previous regime corruption is somehow a matter for impeachment....saved
8/9/2019And right on cue Nadler begins formal impeachment proceedings
8/7/2019Propertarianism. - GenX Dude
5/31/2019Patriot Green and Bright Blessings Des
5/20/2019Electric Universe mention, gets you green from me, Red Hot Chilean Pepe
5/14/2019Green trash ~mypillow
5/13/2019Warmonger fag
4/30/2019I agree
4/28/201920 countries ~Vasily
4/15/2019Fucking A!
4/8/2019Thanks for contributing to the immigrant crisis thread—Light Bulb
3/6/2019Great point on 'whites have rights' thread... Lilopin
2/20/2019Good point on left and islam
2/13/2019Propertarianism info
1/2/2019Makes "global warming theory" seem easy
11/12/2018Physicists arranged some CO molecules on copper into a pretty shape - then made up some next level B.S about it. (BEST COMMENT EVER)
11/4/2018Spreadin' the Green!
11/3/2018Orthodox egyptology believer baboon.
10/24/2018Populist Nationalist Tsunami - Citizen111
10/24/2018Good points
9/27/2018Love the truth
9/20/2018Well said mate. Nick®
9/16/2018He’s right
9/7/2018Just STFU and stop embarrassing yourself.
9/3/2018Nice analogy
8/21/2018Very good analogy. -Rev
8/8/2018Wake up call. love Miss Cleo
7/27/2018Gravity vid cmcc
7/11/2018Good comment have a green rock on
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